It’s the Monday after Thanksgiving, I hope everyone had a wonderful time with family and friends. I am posting today to say how shocked I was over the weekend to see TV commercials marketing a new HGH (human growth hormone) product  for weight loss.If anyone out there is considering taking this product, don’t! It is very dangerous! Yes, hormones do play a huge part in weight regulation. But there is a safe way to bring your body back into balance hormonally and it is not by consuming HGH, it is by shifting the energy around your endocrine-related organs. PLEASE – if you are feeling out of balance hormonally from poor diet over Thanksgiving and/or overall holiday stress, listen to our Key to Weight Balance QuickShift. It’s that simple folks – just sit back, relax and allow. Repetition is key. If you want to shed weight, listen to this one to get everything back in balance then couple it with our Weight Freedom, for fat and cellulite dissipation and fresh mindsets about body size and food. You CAN easily nurture yourself back to health and embodied balance weight, but it does not begin with ingestion of supplements – it begins with SHIFTING ENERGY. I love you all and want you all to thrive beautifully and healthily!