Week two completed as Vegan. So far so good!

My trip into town for lunch went well. First time eating out as Vegan, I got taco salad without meat, just beans and rice with salad on top. The waitress gave me a strange look though and I just laughed and shrugged.

Over the past several days I have felt sprit moving within me, guiding me. I have felt the desire to surrender myself more and more to God-Creator’s divine light. My vibration continues to rise. In fact, Sunday afternoon I went into meditation and my whole body began to vibrate and tingle. Even though it was only yesterday, I smile at the feeling. I could sense vibration rising. It is going to be interesting as I guide healing and Ascend-Now courses this week in how my students and clients react to the healings and changes within themselves as I strive to become cleaner, clearer and more connected to the Divine.

I continue to get support and encouragement from the Archangels surrounding me My family is making the adjustment to the new foods with some resistance. But as I do all the cooking, they eat what I cook. ( I do have other options for them if they choose to fix something for themselves. I will not force this personal choice on them.) They are striving to be supportive though.

The holidays are coming up. I am searching for some new dishes to fix that will comply with my Vegan guidelines. My husband has asked that I fix the traditional ham dinner………. Ok….I don’t think he fully realizes how difficult this has been for me to cook meat and not eat it…… now with the holidays??? So far the difficulty is when I fix one thing for family that I cannot eat. Holiday food is going to be a BIG challenge for me to stay clean.

I still miss cheese.

My prayers this week are being centered on assistance with portions. I have noticed that I have been eating larger portions. I guess to compensate in some way to the different foods, textures and tastes.I have been asking that my appetite is completely released from me; that my desire to eat becomes nonexistent. It is my wish that eating will be for nourishment and not emotional fulfillment or compensation of any kind.

Thank you once again for all your support.

With joy and kindness to all of you,