Understanding Universal Meditation
I have been asked many times what we are truly doing when expanding out into universal space. So here is some information to help explain why I encourage this tool and method of expansion.
The purpose of expanding into your universe is to expand your consciousness out to point of becoming silent in your mind. All inner chatter will stop once you expand out this far. Your Consciousness is as large as a universe. In fact, we all have our own universal space. This is a part of you.

Metatron took me out to my universe after I received the seals, to show me what to expand into. I revived over 26,000 Seals as my imitation into the level of guidance I offer you now and was trying to contain it all within my body! Yikes! Yes, it looks like a space universe, with planets, stars, gas clouds exc. Although I don’t think it is in the milky-way as far as 3D physical space goes. The point being that in this expanded space, you are more than just your body, you are more connected to all you are, while in your universal space.

Healing takes place deeper while in universal space because you are in a relaxed, allowing and expanded state while connected to all you are; connected to your own consciousness and unconscious levels. (Known and unknown parts of you.) You are shifting from a point of expansion, shifting everything at once (Singular time). By everything, I mean your emotional body, mental body, physical body, spiritual body and reality; as it is in order around you and consciousness- all at the same time.
It’s easier to do from the space of your own universe. This is how I guide you and witness from this point for each of you individually. I witness and guide you from singular time for me, so that you can relax and allow yourself to receive.

It takes time and practice to train your mind to go to this sacred place and hold it. I promise it will be well worth the effort. It will get easier for you the more you practice. The more you experience your personal universe, the more peace/joy you will experience and the longer you will be able to hold it. Once you get into this space, your life will become easier in general and of more peace and joy.

Ask your angels/guides to “Show you” your universal space. Or you can ask Metatron to show you.
It is my personal belief and personal experience that once you really begin connecting to your personal universe, you will see change at levels you have not yet experienced. Shifting your complete reality becomes much easier in this space. This is a place that it becomes possible to shift at this even deeper level. It changes the way you relate to everything and everyone, and the way all this and everyone relates back to you.

My gift to you!

Download my Guided Universal Meditation MP3 here