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Thursday, September 20– 8:00-9:00 p.m. EST. The topic is Justification Clearing. See article below for more info. about this month’s healing.

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Word of the Month:

Oneness– Being able to experience the absence of ego and boundary between Self and All; realizing true interconnectedness with all matter  and thought in space and time. Oneness is achieved when we are able to rid the mind of all sensory input without fear or judgment.

A note from KristyLea

The Pursuit of Oneness

I have come across a lot of fear within people as they begin the process of oneness. Full oneness begins within the self. You must become one and allow the Divine to freely express though you.

There are many illusions and mindsets that are causing  harsh judgments of the self, causing many to fight fear, self-sabotage, doubt and unworthiness. There is also an aspect of all of this that if they come into full oneness that they will become vain, arrogant or displeasing to God.

So what do I mean by allowing the Divine to freely express though you?

This simply means that you acknowledge that God is within you. God is in all things, including you. Yet, you deny this recognition and choose to remain as separate. It is funny to me that most will agree that God is everywhere, but cannot accept that he is in the self as well. He, in my understanding, is already part of you. He is there waiting.

Let’s take a look from another perspective. When we say the words service to God, the general perception of that is that we are serving something outside of the self. There is misunderstanding with this concept that causes a bit of rebellion of loss of our power in some ways. Yet if we recognize a few concepts that God lives in the heart of all men. That YOUR heart has the spark of Divine, that this is a part of your very soul, then you can begin to serve through that! WOW!

The lower self then begins to fall away. When you allow this expression of the Divine though you, no negative emotion can exist while you are focused and expressing this from within. Is this not the true sense of service to God? To allow yourself to fully open for him?

When you allow this as oneness of the self, as you are connected to the Divine, you naturally become more loving, and there is naturally more compassion within yourself. You begin to feel guided in ways you cannot always understand through the logical mind, but you know and trust the guidance, you know that you are being Divinely guided.

Allowing the Divine to express though you more and more, brings you into Being. Express away, my dear friends.


 Q and A


I have a friend who is constantly asking for my advice but never takes it. Where do I draw the line with helping them? I want to come across as caring but I am frustrated with their victim role and can see they don’t want to create the change they say they want, they just want to justify and complain.”

I have to ask you, are you yourself going into the role of justification/control? When you offer advice to anyone who is stuck in a loop of thought, many times they can’t hear you. They are not ready for change. Sometimes they truly, cannot literally hear what you have just said in the light that it is meant. They are simply where they are.

The frustration you are feeling is your control-justification energies in action. You want to force them to hear you. Forced change or forced listening doesn’t really work.

There is no line to be drawn. I know that is not what you want to hear right now.  But what I can offer is this: relax!  Relax and allow them to be where they are.  In kindness to them, suggest what you will, but do this in the light of love and kindness and allow them to choose.  It is not up to you to change them.

Expand out beyond any frustration or anger that you may feel. This will help you to let go of these mindsets that are creating the pull to go into justification of upset at them.  I invite you to allow them to be where they are. Allow them to feel what they do. When you can truly do this from a space of detachment and acceptance, that is when you truly become the invitation for change that they may hear.

Justification is an energy of the lower self. It is also an interesting energy to witness. It appears as a wall, which is exactly what it is! It makes it impossible to be helpful to anyone else because you are closed off by your own thoughts of where they are! I hope to see you in our Open Healing this month, where we will clear and release the need to justify our positions and beliefs.



If every time you think or start to speak, your thoughts or sentences start with the word “But,” you are headed into justification energies.

You may think it is a small thing, yet as a guide I see this as a major block to opening up. It creates a stagnant halt to all expansion when you justify any position. Justification locks you into No Change, No Allowance, to make any other choice, no infinite possibility. It brings you into total disallowance of true knowing, expressing or allowance of anything other than what (in most cases) you don’t want.

It can also lock you into dulling energies. like right or wrong, good or bad, dark or light. Many times we go into justifying to prove our own rightness and everyone else’s wrongness – in essence, contraction of all you are.

Another thing about justification is that it can become an overwhelming habit. Any habit creates addiction energy, as well.

What I see when people use justification energetically is this: It directly creates many compartmentalizations of control energy. This directly affects both the yoke of labor and seat of control, making them more pronounced and stronger. This fact affects all areas of your life and being! The effect of all of this is that your life becomes much more complicated and difficult. (That’s why it is called the Yoke of Labor!)

This month I am giving you a big challenge! Be aware of how you are justifying. Any time you begin your thoughts or verbal words with  “But…,” to attempt to justify any position – STOP.

Take a deep breath and let it go, focus on your heart chakra. Feel that heart charka rhythm and just breathe.

For those of you are thinking…. Yeah, but I don’t have time to do that….. Ha ha, that’s just justification!!

I love you all.This month’s Open Healing will help you let go of Justification!

A Personal Story from KristyLea

I would like to share with you my personal experience of understanding coming into oneness. I remember the exact moment that experienced this in a profound way.

I was given a dream. In this dream I was in a crowded mall with a lot of people. As I was walking around this mall I began to be shown each individual light. The light within each person was the same. As I watched, they all were laughing with friends, family and loved ones. Some were just focused on getting what they came for and moved along quickly.

The dream began to shift and I began to see that they were all me. They all looked like me. The men were me, the woman were me, the children were all me. God opened my perception and I suddenly realized that they were me, and I was each of them.

I truly felt all the ways I held myself apart, fall away in that moment. All I felt was this profound love.

The feelings of this love were so deep that it woke me up!

As I got up and began my day, this feeling of oneness and connection to God-Creator of All stayed with me. And when I looked at myself in the mirror, I cried. I felt profound love for myself. I think in that moment I truly felt God’s expression of love for me, but not from outside of me. It was His expression through me.

Although this happened well over a year ago, it changed me on many levels. This feeling of oneness and love has never left me since this great gift from the Creator.

I know that it is hard to trust at times. It’s hard to relax and allow yourself to let go. But I assure you, it is so worth it!