Live Healing in Winston-Salem December 10th

We are looking forward to the  Holy Mother Mary Healing coming up on Dec. 10. Please register at this PayPal link if you plan to attend. Those who can’t attend but would like to participate are welcome to call in through  Free Conference.  Call in number will be emailed to all who register. See more information on the workshop here below course offerings. More workshop details will be emailed to all attendees after registration.

Class Updates:

New rounds of classes start Jan. 9, 2017. Please visit the website here to see the schedule.  As an added convenience to class and session registry, all payments are now streamlined and processed in the Booking section of the website.

Open Healing:

Thursday, December 15 – 8:00- 9:00 p.m. EST. The topic is “The Laws of Joy.” If you have not given yourself the gift of a free Open Healing yet, now is the time.All are welcome, so please invite a friend to join you on the call. Call 712-832-8310, Code# 423-2957. See article on page 2 for topic details.

Got a Question?

Email us anytime at question may spark an Open Healing topic or a new Taster! And always feel free to ask questions before class or Open Healing. Your inquiry often helps someone else, as well as yourself.

Word of the Month:

Echoes – As your clarity moves into the beyond, remnants of how you used to exist remain, vibrating in the space beyond your physical body. These are echoes, which are a part of the universal quantum life flows of how you used to be, before you began your expansion and clearing work with Ascend-Now.  You will often hear me clear these echo energies at the end of a class, so that past entanglements and webs will not recreate and warp the new Divine energies coming to you and from you.


A note from KristyLea

Goodbye, 2016, hello New You!

Over the past few months I have received several calls and emails from clients who are concerned at why they still ‘get upset’ at times. This irritation makes them feel as if they are not progressing as quickly as they think they should be.

So I am writing some thoughts to all, in hopes to explain the expansion and conscious path of ascension process a little further.

There is a misconception among some of you that the deeper sense of peace, joy and at times almost euphoric bliss embodied giddiness you feel from my classes should last forever. If you feel irritation in the slightest, then you think you have lost your newfound peace and joy.  YOU HAVE NOT!

As you continue to expand and release the inner core clearing and dissipate the Seat of Control and Yoke of Labors,  you continue to shift into a deeper and deeper sense of awareness. Continued expansion and shifts of mindsets create a sort of short-term numbness.  You may also experience at times irritation that you are being affected by other people, situations or events. You may cycle between emotional numbness and annoyance.  This is NOT a back slide in your efforts of expansion!

Let’s look from a different perspective.

You are in the forefront of all humanity. You are consciously choosing to expand and transcend the lower self, the ego self and come into knowing and being. The majority of all humanity is not at this point yet. It is moving in this direction as a whole of humanity, but still the majority of all are not in the conscious state of expansion and transition yet.  The effect of this on you personally is this:
You are expanding, yet there is the pull of humanity’s group unconscious working to pull you back into entanglement, because that is where the majority of most people are.

As you continue to release and expand, your intuitive abilities sharpen and grow.  You will notice not only how you are using control, justification and judgment in your own life, but how others are creating their own entanglement as well.  Seeing this may cause you some irritation.

Because you are choosing to continue on the path of expansion and transition (which is The Process of conscious ascension), this frustration/irritation is what you will experience. This is the process. Irritation occurs during those times you are in resistance to the expansion itself or when you are in mid-shift and your body and being are getting used to the new information you are perceiving intuitively. Your abilities are increasing and your body and being are working to adjust and get used to the more expanded state.

In time and with more expansion, you will also become more aware of how you are tangled into the illusion of it all, such as the ways you are holding yourself into a forced singularity or individual state. Within truth, there is oneness all around you. One day you will begin to surpass in your expansion, in your individual universes, and come into what I see as a multiverse. This oneness is where you will begin to experience oneness with all. You will begin to allow the Love of God-Creator of all to express love though you, and truly feel that love and oneness through God’s love and oneness for all.  It is an emotion that begins to be present at most times within you.

Reading this and understanding it is very different than living the experience of this! Living this experience also takes a time of adjustment. Your brain is changing! Yes your physical brain! This is important!

When these changes are occurring, you may find yourself thinking in circles. An event has occurred or an “upset,”  if you will, your brain can no longer connect with the emotions that you had around that topic or situation any longer.  So you begin to think in circles to find the ‘wrongness’ or ‘upset,’  yet you can’t really feel it because it is changed. (The healing has occurred and is literally no longer there.) You have expanded beyond this point and can no longer connect to it in the same way.

Don’t panic!  Take a deep breath and relax!  It is validation that change has happened! You are no longer the same. You can no longer connect to that part of entanglement because you are now beyond that part of the lower self.

Yes it feels weird. Yes it may feel as if you are disconnecting at times, but only because you are not used to NOT becoming upset. Remember during these times, just because it feels different, does not mean it is a wrongness.

CONGRATULATIONS!  YOU ARE GETTING THERE!   Welcome to the process of conscious ascension! Keep moving forward, keep expanding. For each step you take helps all of humanity in ways you cannot fathom yet!

Open Healing

Being that it is the holiday season, this month our Open Healing topic will be “The Laws of Joy.” We all know that tis’ the season can be a stressful time! Shopping and dealing with the public or family can be a difficult time to hold onto the spirit of joy. A while back I received the information of the four light matrices of joy, which include joy, happiness, humor and laughter. These light matrices create a sacred geometry within your being to promote these energies within the whole self.

As I asked God what we should work on for this special month, and this was His suggestion.  I was shown that the blocks that prevent us from fully experiencing these energies can be removed and that the laws of joy, happiness, laughter, and humor can be sent in to gift the divine light codes, along with the activation of the light matrices themselves. This is just the perfect shift for all of us during this season!

God creator has also shared with me a special blessing to all who attend, that the stress of this season will be passed by you like water on a duck’s back!  YEA, I’ll take that!

I know that during this time of the year, everyone becomes extra busy.  I hope that you will take this hour for you, to allow this great gift for yourself!  You deserve it. This time for you, it is worth the time taken out!

Blessings to all and Happy Holidays!


 Q and A


I have been noticing at times that I feel that some people are not being honest with me. How can I really spot when I am being told a lie?”

Cool question!  One way you can tell is that non-truth feels heavy energetically. You can practice and internally ask yourself, “Is this truth or a lie?” and see how it feels to you.  Many people will tell half-truths as well.  You can also ask what part of this is truth and what part is a lie, as you get used to the feeling of the energies. 

When you ask, make sure you are not in your own suspicious energies.  It needs to come from a non-judgmental stand point to get a true feel for what is really occurring. Ask: truth, or lie and what level. Big lies within intimate relationships may need a little help getting to that non-judgmental state to see a more fuller truth.

Another thing you can do is state the person’s name then the word “truth” behind it. Example: “Truth John, did you eat all the cookies?”

Now, you can state this out loud or simply think it and universal law kicks in and the truth is revealed in sometimes the most bizarre ways. (Although, I am sneaky and ask internally and watch as truth comes tumbling out, without them really knowing what just happened…ha!)

An example of this, I had a client that was going through a legal situation and the other person was lying quite a lot over the entire situation. During the scheduled day of mediation, I held space for the entire party and did this exact thing, stating his name and truth over and over throughout the day. I kept track of the energies, and every time I felt a little heaviness I began… name… truth….name truth.  That evening I got a call from my client. She was laughing because things went well and so far, in her favor!  (I did not attend the court session, I did this from over 200 miles away.) Also it is good to know there are varying levels of truth and lies. They all have specific energy, yet in general, it  is heavy for a lie or non-truth and lighter for a truth. For me it is the ‘bold face lie’ that is so heavy it makes me slightly sick to my stomach. In playing with these energies, take note of how the energies make you feel. Take time to make sure you are not in your own suspicion. This must be done through non-judgment! And be patient while you learn how these subtle energies feel.

Another exercise to help you recognize these energies is to stand with your feet shoulder width apart. State your name or a truth and your weight should shift forward. Now state a lie, your weight will shift back. Take time with this and also feel the energy of it, from yourself. Heavy or light? This will also help you recognize it with others.  Good luck and have fun!

May the truth prevail!

P.S.  If it is a situation of a big lie, you may wish to consider private sessions to heal judgment so that you can look at it with balance and openness. If you are experiencing pain from this issue, it is judgment and justification that is the core cause of such pain. Healing this is in order, to help shift you into a new perspective.