Welcome to the New Year!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and that you enjoyed the time with your families and friends.  Now it’s the New Year and you can take a deep breath and relax.  Now it is the season of those interesting News Year’s resolutions. Yes, those lists of things that soon get forgotten ….or the list gets lost.  So, today I’m going to guide you on a different look at what’s happening behind this energetically and why it is at times hard or seemingly impossible to stick to our new resolutions.

We have all heard the saying ‘”Out with the old, in with the new.”  There is energy to this saying. It is evident when we purge through our homes and clean closets and clear clutter. But when it comes to our personal lives and energy,  this purge often gets missed. How can we avoid this?

Prepare for Change. Don’t resolve – dissolve!

I know that taking time to meditate is difficult at times. Sometimes we feel that taking time for ourselves is the last thing on the list.  But it should be the most important time of your day. It is the time you allow your cup to fill so that you can take care of everything else that needs to be done. This is also a time to purge old energies out of our bodies and being. You must empty before you can fill back up.

Clearing all the old energy out so that you can bring in the new, takes a bit of focus. You must be willing to let it go so that you can shift into new perspectives and ideas of things. Clearing out the old energy is as easy as taking a step back and allowing yourself to expand out. Focus on the heart chakra and while expanded out, allow that wonderful pulsation of light to move through you and your space.  Set your intention of clearing out the old before you begin.  Then work to silence the mind and relax and allow the energy to shift out.

It may take a bit of practice, but I assure you it will be worth it. Any time you can spend in allowing the mind to quiet and you can allow yourself to just BE is vastly important to life itself. You will notice that it becomes easier to accomplish the more you practice.  This practice will change many perspectives and the way you “think” about many things.

No true change can actually occur until you allow the mind to shift into a new space. Allowing perspectives and old energy to shift will allow you to change all you desire in life, body and being. This is huge.

Quieting the mind chatter takes you completely out of trying to figure it all out into knowing/being. It is a very different place to experience.

The Gentleness of Your Truth

So how many of your thoughts and mind chatter is based in harshness? Even cruelty to yourself?

This is very self-damaging and it is not you, in your truth. It is one of the ways that you keep yourself in the enslavement of all humanity’s lower vibrations. Please take a look at this, because this is how you are creating You! Yes! This is HOW YOU ARE CREATING YOU AND YOUR LIFE. Is this what you want to create?

I think it is time that you allow this to shift and you come into a state of love and acceptance of you. It is time you see yourself through the eyes of higher truth. To do this it is important to begin to come into a state that is called ‘The Gentleness of Your Truth,’ a letting go of all negative, harsh and cruelty thought processes and perspectives of the self.

Lord Metatron helped me to see this very clearly in my own self.  I used to have harsh thoughts about me. I used to think harsh words, many times even curse words in my head. LOL (Yes this is my truth, lol) I may have not said them out loud, but I did most certainly think them.

Metatron began to show me what I was doing with these energies and how I was creating and he strongly told me to STOP.  I would feel him place his hand on my head and my brain would come to a screeching halt of all racing entangled thought.  It felt quite strange and made me do the weird wobble. (I’m sure you all have felt that feeling as you have worked with me! AHAHA)

He told me that it was unacceptable to him that I was thinking this way about myself; that my internal chatter in this manner, was unacceptable.

So I say to you now, it is unacceptable for you to allow your internal chatter to continue on the lines of any form of harshness. YOU ARE A CHILD OF GOD…….Let that sink in…….


GOD IS WITHIN ALL THINGS, INCLUDING YOU! So when you think on this, is your internal harshness about yourself or any other, acceptable?

NO, It is not. And it is certainly NOT the way God sees you and holds you in love. He holds all in LOVE.

Now, let me tell you this.  Are you ready to hear a profound truth?

All harshness of thought is based in lies.  Again: All harshness of thought is based in lies.

All things that are not based in eternal love is a non-truth.  Now I have to ask you, do you want to create though lie or truth?  Hmmm, yes I thought so.

The truth of you is gentleness, love, joy, laughter, happiness, acceptance and all things of beauty. All else is part of the entrapment of humanity. It is entanglement and illusions constructed to keep you from transitioning into truth, Your Truth.

So I hope you can all join me this month in Open Healing Jan 19, 2017 at 8pm EST, because we will be addressing this.  I will be witnessing a primary shift in thought, bringing you into the gentleness of you and you will each receive a process of Purification of Thought in this call.

*Please note that this healing will be mind processing and a shifting of how you have been using your brain through thoughts in harshness. You may feel weird during the call and afterward. This wonkiness may last several days.  Please take note of this and take the time needed to rest after this call.

A note to all Open Healing attendees:

I know that many of you come to these every month and I wish to thank you for your support in taking the time out to attend. It is my intention to continue to offer these free healings once a month for all who wish to come.

I would also like to remind you that the recordings of all Open Healings are available for purchase a day after the call. Repeated listening is recommended if the call itself made you feel wonky or simply knocked you out.

I offer this because we as humans store energy in levels, and this clears and heals in levels as well. To clear anything completely at once is nearly impossible because it would be too much change to accept all at once. It would feel freaky because you would no longer recognize yourself. I do mean literally not recognizing yourself. I know that sounds weird but I have seen it happen and have experienced this first hand myself. It was not a pleasant experience and can bring up fear.

Repeated listening is useful to clear more than the surface layers of issues over time. It provides a deeper, more complete healing and shift with repeated listening. I have kept the price low at $15 per recording so that you can collect them for your use and healing.

Thank you for considering an Open Healing purchase.

Question of the month:

Sometimes in group healings, it seems that you say something that pertains directly to me , without naming names. How do you see a group healing intuitively? What does it look like? Becca, NY.

Thank you for your question, Becca.

I will be glad to share with you from my perspective.

When I am in witnessing state I am in my universal expansion. I see each of you as a group. I connect to each of your universes.  When I am in this space, I am seeing in a 360 degree around me, it is not like looking through your physical eyes where you just see in front of you. There is no limit to what or where I am seeing. (I know that’s a strange concept….) I am looking only at the energy of the whole, not necessarily each individual body.  I know that as humans, many tend to think that our bodies are a totality of all we are, but this is a limited view. We are all actually quite larger than our bodies alone.

When I am in this space of expansion and in the process of witnessing, time moves around me. I do not experience time as you do during the duration of the healing.  For you may experience half an hour to an hour of healing; for me I experience about two to three hours to every one hour of linear time frame, depending on how large the group is.  This gives me the ability to see everything I need to witness. For each person in a group setting gets an individual healing.

When I bring up what I am seeing, for instance I see fear or addiction energy attached to something, it is likely not just you who I am pinpointing. It exists within the group. It is not normal for me as a witness to pinpoint any individual because I am seeing you all at the same time in the same moment.  All I see at that moment is how each of you are creating and what is coming up for each individual and I also see all the common threads that go with any particular energy – I see how it is connected to each person. If it is past life, genetic, or any other way we connect to things. (And there are millions of ways.) Yet I also see how each energy that is being cleared has affected each individual differently and I see varying degrees of how it is connected to each person in attendance. This is why God Creator taught me to step outside of linear time while I witness. You each as individuals release and shift at different rates, and I must be able to hold a positon of witness until it is done for each of you.

What I actually see is a bit more complicated to verbalize.  I do see colors and movement. It is more of a recognition that is far beyond any form of thought or sight as you know it.  I don’t look at something and see or hear a name for it, yet I do recognize what it is. The colors and shapes and their movements are all different for each person and energy. If I begin to see something I do not yet recognize, God and/or the Ascended Masters sense this in me and explain it, if needed.  Because this is done beyond thought, if that new energy comes up again, I instantly recognize what it is and what needs be done to release it. This is one of the ways I am working with God in the shifts you experience.

My job as guide and witness is that I am to hold focus on energy changing so the shift-healing can continue until it has cleared as far as it will, for each individual, for this session. (Clearing and healing is always done in layers according to how much you are willing to change, let go and allow at each healing.) I guide you each through the experience by assisting you each, pulling you through and or supporting you energetically so that you each clear relatively at the same moment. God has taught me to connect through his expression in each of you. So I am seeing you as God sees you in a loving and perfected state. My being in this expansion and connected to you in this way keeps me out of the way of your shift because I am only experiencing such love for each of you in the way God does. It has taken some time to learn how to come into this clearly and participate and assist you in this way, without affecting the healing with my own thoughts or energies. I believe that the key to what I do and why it makes you feel wonky or knocks you out is that you are not used to experiencing the energetic shifts in purity. Connecting to how God expresses through you and works to heal through you allows for this to be profound for each in attendance, as long as you truly relax, let go and allow.

I have dedicated many years of time and practice to learn how to go beyond thought and into knowing-being so I can be the best guide possible for you. At this point I have very little mind chatter, and absolutely none during a healing. The hardest part for me was learning to talk and explain out loud what I was seeing as energy was shifting to a different area because  for a while I was too wonky to form words while in this energetic state! Ha!

Each healing is actually beautiful to witness. The love comes in waves for me as I see each of you come into a new perspective or clearing. It is common for me to have tears streaming down my face when anyone lets go and something huge releases for them.  I feel God’s joy and his love for you each so profoundly.  You are each so very cherished.  When you truly understand this, will be a huge day of joy for you, God Creator of all, and me as your guide.

You are all loved.


For Christmas this year I received several new tarot and oracle cards so I am expanding in this area. Doing card readings is one of my favorite things to do.  I truly enjoy working with the energy and guidance that is connected to each deck.  Please keep in mind that I will be offering new readings at a discount on these new decks as I get to know each deck and their perspective energies.

New decks include:

Goddess Oracle Deck. Receive guidance from the Goddess regarding life or assistance making decisions that will affect your life.

Butterfly Deck. For times where you are in the mist of transition. Large changes that affect your life. Now you can get specific reading and receive guidance while in the midst of large changes.

Rune Oracle Deck. Runes are powerful and you can receive information and healing guidance with rune cards or the casting of runes.

Energy Oracle Deck. Get a reading of specific energies.

And I have also ordered Rune Stones (Made from Lapis stone) to add Rune Castings.  They have a wonderful energy that is both connected to the Divine and Earth energies in beautiful balance.

I am excited to be expanding these readings and giving you more choices to receive information, healing and guidance from multiple sources of Divine Heavenly energies and guidance.  It is my belief that it all comes from God, for I connect to God, Angels and the Ascended Masters for all readings.

(Oh and I also have my eye on a few other decks, such as Romance Deck, Past Life Deck, Heart of the Divine Deck and others.) Keep an eye out for the announcement that the readings are available.

And finally, monthly newsletters will now be available online only – we are no longer emailing PDF documents. You can still share them with family and friends by forwarding the link I email you each month or inviting your friends to visit our website.

With great joy, I wish you all a happy day!