May 12, 2015

The Beginning:

In the beginning, God created the earth……… Wait, wait, wait, I’m not going back that far! Although, I do have a story for you. It is a true story, one about something that I have experienced myself. It is the experience of healing, expansion, awareness and the discovery of a new path that is now called Ascend-Now.

As with all births, it can be difficult at first. My story is no different. It was only eleven months ago that God Creator suggested to me to take some time off from my teaching and healing work. I was told that there were some things He wished to share, explain and show me. God told me that I was not clear enough or ready to receive this information until I cleared the space. Creator, in His loving way, encouraged me to take a break, to allow some things to shift in me.

I struggled with this at first – I love what I do! Yet, after some thought, I connected to God and said okay. If this is your wish for me, I will take a year off……..(A year? Did I really just say a year???) I immediately felt a huge wave of energy come from me. It was strange how it affected my life so quickly. My appointment schedule cleared within three weeks, the website became more still and I said, WOW…. okay…… thinking, “Am I ready for this?” lol! Even many of my friends stopped calling! I guess when God asks you to clear some time and you agree, that’s what happens!!

Then what?

God began to explain a lot to me about energy, light and healing. Although I had been doing energy healing work for most my life, I found that I had plenty to learn. He asked if I was ready to come into alignment to the fullness of my purpose. I had been asking for this for quite a while, so I told him YES! I was asked to have my friend Juliette come and witness something for me. Juliette is very intuitive and we have known each other for some time and had traded healings with each other on several occasions. So I invited her over. Once she arrived, I lay down to receive whatever God intended to do or show me. I was excited and nervous, not knowing what it was.

God said I was to “relax and allow the energy.”

As I relaxed and connected deeper, I was led by Creator to go into the Akashic Records, where I was met and guided into another room. Lord Metatron, an archangel I had been working with for a while, was there. And he told me that I was to lie still on the table and receive. I was happy he was there with me. I thought back to the first time I felt Lord Metatron’s energy. I had been told about the Lord Metatron Activation years ago from a friend and I had asked God Creator for this activation. Creator had told me to work directly with Lord Metatron for this. That first time Lord Metatron finished his activation, I thought “Wow, can I get that again?” (To me the activation felt really good and I loved his energy right away.) Lord Metatron paused for a moment, then I felt him smile at me and he did it again. (I felt a little disoriented after that. It made him laugh!)

Once I lay on the table, the Masters put something over me that felt heavy to my body, but in a comforting way. This made it hard to move. I told Juliette that I was ready and things began.

Lord Metatron spoke to me telling me that the Laws were going to gift me with knowledge and understanding. What I felt was light being beamed into my chest and heart chakra and through my third eye. It was a bit uncomfortable. I lost track of all time during this event. Juliette said she saw the light come in and watched it stream into me for about an hour. There were three Laws that visited, sharing with me their understanding and knowledge. I was in and out of it at the same time. A true feeling of what we now call “wonkiness”!!

The visitation and gift were from The Law of Time & Space, the Law of Knowledge and the Law of Truth. Each of these consciousness’ were huge and brought forth a ton of information into my body and space. After this, Lord Metatron stayed with me and told me he was now my main Guide. I was very happy and began to cry. I think my tears were partly because he was now my Guide and also because I had just received so much that I was overly emotional. I couldn’t stand up at that point, so I lay there in such deep gratitude, until I fell asleep for a short time.

Once I awakened, my chest hurt and my mind was spinning. It was just a few days from that experience that I began to feel as if it was far too much for me to handle. I could feel all that the Laws had shared with me expanding and expanding. I became confused for a while. I felt as though I was spinning out of control in a truly scary way. Difficult thoughts and feelings became the norm, as were bouts of crying. Even being around family was a challenge during this transitional time.

Lord Metatron came to me and took my hand. Suddenly, I found myself in the middle of the universe and he was holding me there. There was light all around us and I felt comforted by the universe itself and Metatron. I looked around and saw all the stars and there was a beautiful pink gas cloud that was just amazing.
Metatron gave me a moment to adjust. Then he said, “Expand out into this.” And he showed me that I was now in the middle of my universe.

“You are trying to contain all that you have received in your physical body. You are much more than your body. This is your universe, expand out into this,” he said and he helped me relax and allow the expansion energy to move through me. My body and being softened and I no longer felt as though I was going to go crazy! Everything was worlds better than before. I was held there throughout the night and taken back every time I felt the expansion get difficult. It was a great deal of information – information that God wanted me to receive. Even though I did not understand it yet, I knew it was important.

It took me about a month to finally get used to all the new energy, light and understanding that I was gifted with. There were many times that I had to sit back, relax and allow the expansion to continue. And that was easier said than done at times. The importunateness I sensed was not a fullness of understanding of all the knowledge, but at least I was beginning to feel comfortable with the expanding.

Even though it has been months since that day, I can still feel everything expanding out. My awareness has expanded along with it. As I look back to the beginning, I am amazed at the profound love and support that I received from God and Lord Metatron. The journey has not been easy, and yet I would not trade one minute of it for anything. The love and support of God Creator, Metatron and the many other Ascended Masters who have been with me these past several months and who gifted me these Universal Laws, has been an incredible, life changing experience!

I was also truly amazed to find out just how supportive the universe is to all of us. It supports us in all that we create. Whether we choose to create good and easy in life or not, the universe simply, unceasingly, supports us. My universe is not dark and cold as you might imagine. I experienced it as filled with light all around me! It is warm and supportive! How interesting!

It took some time to come to this point and I had to adjust to all that the Laws gifted me. I knew God Creator and my New Master Guide, Lord Metatron had more in store for me……. but that’s another story! To be continued!

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With joy and kindness,