New website information is now live online. We have restructured all the information on the site to better serve you and help you find exactly what you wish to focus on.  I hope you are more at ease with the changes we have made.

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301111-Hello-Spring-A Note From KristyLea

Spring has sprung and the blooms are in full force at my home.  The sneezes are abundant as well.  I know that it can be difficult to move forward when you are not feeling well. Please take the time to take care of yourselves!  Do something fun for you, something you consider a luxury.  This is a way of honoring your body.  It is important that you remember to celebrate your life! My youngest son Xander, was eating fresh cut fruit out of a wine glass the other day. He loved the experience of this! He is 13 now. As I watched him, seeing his joy so clearly, it made me want to join him. I took my wine glass with fruit and sat next to him and smiled. We clinked our glasses together in a toast and he laughed and nodded to me. Find ways of honoring and celebrating your life and body. It’s time to let go of heaviness of life and begin to find joy even in the normal everyday things, such as eating some fruit.

The Art of Receiving

Here at Ascend-Now our motto is “Sit back, relax and allow the energy to change.” Yes, those of you who have worked with me, you have heard me repeat this many times. Yet there is much more to this saying than the simplicity of the words. In allowing you are agreeing to accept the change you are seeking. Yet at times it is still difficult to let go and really allow yourself to accept.

I see that this is, in essence, faith that God can shift you into all that you desire. It is up to you to truly let go of how things are presenting up to this present state until the moment of change that you are to allow and receive.  In the very act of allowing, you are telling God that you are willing and allowing yourself to receive.

Many times as a guide I see that people are afraid to ask for what you would like to change. There is fear associated in the asking. Fear or unworthiness of ‘who are you to ask anything of God?’ –  afraid that God may be disappointed, fearful that he will not listen.

meditation-338446_1920From my perspective and in communion with God, I see that he waits with joy to hear from you. He waits in joy listening to your heart and knows you beyond that of which you know yourself.  He acts in Joy to begin the work to assist you into that very place you wish to be.  God does this because in his view of you, you are already in this expanded state.  He watches as you shift in to your own realization of this.  Everything you would wish for is already you, in your expanded state. God delights and rejoices in your realization of this as you relax and allow yourself to receive the healing and expansion you are seeking, so that you – your mind, body, and being – can come to this realization and an understanding of this.  It is an alignment that is occurring each time you seek healing and change that brings you closer and closer to this knowing-being state.

Strengthen your faith my friends! Allow yourself to ask the questions, seek the change you truly desire.

Every time I hear someone tell me that they don’t know what they want, it makes me laugh.  YES YOU DO. You are just still uncomfortable in admitting it.  You have attached some wrongness to what it is you truly would like. You may not have all the details but you most certainly know what it is you wish for.

If you are still insisting on believing you do not know what you want, look for what feels the lightest.  Out of the things you list or out of all the different ways you see things or dream about, look for the one that feels the lightest. The one that brings the most happiness and joy when you think about it. is the deepest desire of your heart. Focus on the ones that bring the most excitement!

Move forward with these things. Get expanded and begin to create from this expanded state.

Open Healing

April 20 – 8:00 pm EST

This month our Open Healing topic is designed by you.  I have invited all who wish to email me what they would like to see covered in this month’s Open Healing and I have been receiving some requests for physical healings.  So it looks like we will focus on the body in April! So far I will be doing a clearing of pain and inflammation as well as an over all healing and balancing of the body. I have also had a request for weight loss help. I will be balancing some hormones as well as activation of others that will assist you in this. The IGF-1 hormone will send the signal to pop open fat cells and release the fat stored in pocket areas such as stomach, back of the arms, chin, and abdominals. I will be activating the Stem Cells for regeneration of the body in this month’s Open Healing! So if you have not yet purchased this powerful MP3, now is your chance to get a taste of that for free!

I am sure that there will be time to answer any questions you may have and take more requests as time allows.  So think of some questions you would like answered and I will do my best to give you answers and guidance you are seeking. Please remember that as open healing is free, it is also recorded. Most Open Healings become available for purchase the day after airing for $15 each. We hold things and issues in layers. The more you listen the deeper the healing will go and the more change you will receive.

To participate in the April Open Healing see below.

  • To participate, please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • You can also dial in using your phone.
    United States +1 (872) 240-3212

    Access Code: 369-186-301

Please take a moment to read over the Open Healing Guidelines here before joining the call this month.

Question of the Month

“Thank you for the healing KristyLea, Can you give me some guidelines on how to not re-create what has just been cleared?”

It is interesting that you ask about this.  Yes, re-creation does sometimes happen.  A re-creation of this type is primarily done though control energy. At times echoes or quantum entangles have not shifted enough and you go back into a cleared area with entanglement.

sun in trees

Some guidelines to avoid this are as follows:

  • Watch your thoughts carefully.  Please do not keep looking at the issue in your mind. Refuse to think about it or connect to the energy of how it used to be.  Many times we get caught in looping thoughts about things and our physical brain keeps trying to take us back into it. So keeping your mind focused elsewhere is a good thing for a while.
  • Remember the shift is not always complete when we finish the session.  Many times I see things still moving weeks after the healing occurred.  Keep this in mind as you move forward into the shifts. The session itself is the initiation point. It is still up to you to continue to allow the shift to take place.
  • Meditate!  Take this time to focus on you and allow yourself to continue the shift you have asked for. While expanded, feel the energy still moving and clearing! It is one thing for me to be as your guide and witness. It becomes very powerful when you take the time to witness for yourself all that is in process of change for yourself.
  • Validate that you feel ‘different.’ Every time you validate that you feel and seem different you are creating strong anchor points to continue to allow the shifting to take place. This is a signal to God and universe that you are allowing yourself to receive the changes that are being made. Many times the healing will speed up with this one simple thing.Watch for synchronicities.  Many times when you are shifting, the synchronicities will increase around you. This is validation that things are changing and you are opening up to more of you and allowance of the change you are seeking is finding it’s way to you.

You’re doing great! Keep moving forward!  Sometimes it may feel slow or like it is not happening fast enough when you are in the day to day change that you desire. Be patient. You have been moving towards this for thousands of years and only now becoming aware enough to do so consciously by expanding your awareness and shifting into more of your truth. Your process is speeding up now for the simple fact that now you are propelling yourself forward thought consciousness awareness and expansion.  It is still a process though.  Give yourself some time.  When you look back a year from now, you will begin to see how fast things have changed for you, your life and the awareness of your being.

Love and light to you all,