Day of Rejuvenation!

A spa day for the body, mind and soul!

JANUARY 12, 2019

9 am – 4 pm EST

Divine Yoga Studio, Lewisville, NC

We all want to look good, feel good and be at our ultimate best throughout our life.  Environmental toxins and stress and chaos energies are vastly speeding up our aging process and making our bodies and minds look and feel tired and overwhelmed. Would you like to release some of the free radicals that are stuck in your body? Wouldn’t it be great to look and feel YOUNGER than you really are? Ascend-Now has a solution! We have put together our first ever “Day of Rejuvenation” one-day workshop! See more here and join us for this special healing event! And as always, Members Only members get 10% off the workshop fee! Join Members Only today!