Last night we held our weekly Seven Seals class, we do this every Tuesday night 8 pm. Just want to remind everyone this is an open class you can register for anytime 24 hours before and it’s Ascend-Now’s most powerful, transformative class. We worked on resistance last night – and resistance is not what you see on the news and internet. True resistance is LETTING GO of the things you don’t want, ALLOWING the change you seek – not contracting, restricting, holding in –  and definitely not “fighting” anything. It is the key to change, acceptance, peace and joy.

I have put together a Seals bundle for those who want to take advantage of some savings and purchase several classes at once. Right now, the Seals is only $35 each week for a 45 minute class. It is already incredibly affordable and one of our best bangs for your buck.  But I want to thank those of you who are coming regularly by giving you a little savings and encourage those who have not tried Seals to do so.

Now until March 31, purchase four Seals classes for $130 – a $10 savings. See more about this class at this link  and take advantage of the bundle discount of 4 classes for $130 here.  

I welcome testimonials from current attendees! What do you think, is the Seals all I say it is?

I love you all!  Breathe, relax. Stay open and trusting and allow the change you seek!