Life is full of magical moments, most of which live inside of us, awaiting to be discovered. Why do you look to the world to bring you joy, satisfaction, fulfillment? Look within, for in your heart is the light of the world! Within your soul breathes the warmth of the world! This is where you must seek to find the answers. They are awaiting you! Focus on the heart, feel the light within you shining and pulsating. Spread this pulsation throughout your body, slowing expanding it within and around your body, then into the room, then in the whole space of your existence, all the way to the Cosmos. Practice this daily. Just a few minutes a day will be enough to slow your mind down from it’s racing, chaotic thoughts. In time you will find the peace you seek. You will find the answers to your inner longings and questions. You may even find something incredible, that you never even knew you were looking for. Venture on, courageous one, it begins inside of You.

Here is our guided meditation to help get you started.