Euphoria- The Embodiment of Joy

November 9, 2019

9am to 12 noon EST

Joy is not done well here on earth. It is something that is judged harshly if one is overly joyful. It is a sad truth for earth and all upon her. To think of surpassing joy and going into euphoria….. well, most think that is just nearly impossible.
Many believe euphoria is a state of spiritual connection or a mystic experience only attainable for a select few. It is also believed it takes unbelievable meditation to attain it, let alone hold onto such states.
Yes, it can be these things. In truth, euphoria is the physical state of joy that we can all experience. There seems to be a lot of blocks that are not allowing us to enjoy this state on a daily basis.
Physically within our vessels, happiness is a myosin protein that drags an endorphin along the filament to the inner part of the brain’s parietal cortex. But sometimes other emotions stop this action in its tracks.
There are many things that block us from joy. Worry, anger and a host of other emotions as well as chronic illness and toxins can turn off the receptors for joy. Even after the event has long past, these receptors don’t always turn back on. Let’s fix that!
Here is what we will be working with in this workshop.

● Releasing chronic blocks to joy
● Toxins blocks to connection to joy release
● Releasing resistance to joy
● Releasing physical blocks to connecting to joy
● Joy Light matrix work
● Allowing the sacred geometry of your body
● Repairing the brain process for joy
● Mytosit production, endorphin production
● Filament connection correction to joy

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July 13, 2019 Online only
9am to 12 noon EST
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