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Class Updates:

A few new classes are starting this month. Please see the website, www.ascend-now.com for details and to register. Oct. 22 – Communion With nature Oct. 23 – Holy Mother Mary and Mary Magdalene Dec. 3. – Balanced Power

Open Healing

Thursday, October 15 – 8:00- 9:00 p.m. EST. The topic is “Allowing Yourself into Being.” If you have not given yourself the gift of a free Open Healing yet, now is the time. All are welcome, so please invite a friend to join you on the call. Call 712-832-8310, Code# 423-2957.

Got a Question? Email us anytime at ascendnow.kristylea@gmail.com. Your question may spark an Open Healing topic or a new Taster! And always feel free to ask questions before class or Open Healing. Your inquiry often helps someone else, as well as yourself. Word of the Month: Inner Core – the place in your body where the light of God Creator expresses through you.

A note from KristyLea

Welcome to all of my beautiful friends. We are all on a journey that we call life. At times it is like a roller coaster with ups and downs and occasional breakdowns. It is in times of upset and frustration that you experience the deepest contractions of your light. I invite you to Being You. lol! That may seem like a strange thing to you. I get that. So let me explain.

You in truth are:

  • Love
  • Light
  • Joy
  • Laughter
  • Kindness
  • Greatness
  • Divine

I could go on and on about You Being You (in truth.) If you are not feeling these things you are denying You as You, in truth. All negative thoughts, feelings, or experiences though negativity is illusion and a non-truth of you within your own Light.

So what can you do to stop the lie? Expansion is always good. ExpandExpand-Expand!!! You will hear that a lot from me! Here is another tool you can use. When you find yourself in a negative loop, which is a lie, stop and check into your heart. Find that light that is there, connecting you to the Divine. In your mind say,

“I release the lie into the Divine light- I release the lie into the Divine light – I release the lie into the Divine light.” (Three Times)

Visualize each time you say this phrase, that the Divine light that is connecting you to God Creator from deep within you is dissolving the heaviness or darkness of the lie and the illusion or heaviness you are feeling, until it is gone and you feel it no more.

This is the truth of laying your burdens at the Lords feet! Or letting go and letting God, which is a beautiful thing, but you have to let that burden go! Not grip onto it with a white knuckle grip!

This exercise will allow you to connect and release negativity actively, setting your burden down and witnessing the miracle of allowing God to take it from you.

-KristyLea Neville, Master-Guide

Q and A

“KristyLea, I have the hardest time calming down my mind and going into Universal Mediation, as you suggest before each class. I try to do it? But the whole time I am thinking of other things, like what I have left to do that day or something that happened earlier in the day. Does it get easier once I am clearer? Or can you give me some tips on how to really focus on my heart light and stay there without my mind drifting?”

Holding Universal Meditation and that level of expansion can be difficult at first. After all, you have lived in a contracted state for not only this life time, but many lifetimes. My advice is practice makes perfect! LOL I realize that this may not be what you want to hear right now. In today’s world, people have become accustomed to instant gratification.

The art of expansion is an exercise. I suggest you consider purchasing the MP3 of Universal Meditation (only $25)* so that you may be guided into it every day.

Another Tip:

While you are tapping into the center Heart Chakra, the spark of Divine within you, you are connecting to God Creator’s Light. While in this space, ask that “Quiet Mind” be run. Then witness as your own mind becomes quiet and relaxed as you expand. This will help teach you focus.

Happy Expanding! KristyLea


Allowing Yourself into Being When you step into Being, it is beyond figuring it all out, beyond knowing. Being is a space where knowing ‘just is’ and life is filled with more joy that is felt deeper than simply emotion. We have all heard the phrase ‘To be or not to be, that is the question.” Is it still a question for you? Or have you made your decision to ‘Not Be’ everyday with most situations?

If you are not sure, let me ask this: Do you feel that you are only existing in life, not really living it? Are you happy now? Do you feel that you will be happy when this or that happens or when you have this or that in life?

Are there things that you wish to change but can’t seem to get them to budge?

I ask again. Are you ready to step into Being now? Come join us on this exciting Free Open Healing. Take a deep breath and allow yourself into Being, Thursday, October 15th, 8 pm. Call 712-832-8310, Code# 423-2957.


Are you aware that you have a Guiding Angel that has been with you since the beginning of time, and is still with you today? Did you know that this Angel longs to have a closer relationship with you and awaits your initiation? Yes! It’s true. Your Angel longs to be a guiding force and presence in your life, but can only do so much for you, until you ask and allow her help.

An example here on Earth may help you understand the role your Angel plays in your life. Think of parents who watch from a distance their young child at the playground, attempting a new skill. The parent is an involved observer, but lets the child figure out whatever it is they are trying to do on their own as much as possible. And then, if the child needs the parent, he calls out and the parent quickly comes to assist. Angels are no different! They are here for us, but we must ask for their participation in our life. Otherwise, they are like a loving parent, sending us strength and support, but not actively participating until beckoned.

Would you like to receive counsel from your Angel? Would you like your Angel to more involved in your decision making? Schedule an Angel reading with KristyLea. Utilizing a special deck of cards much like Tarot, KristyLea taps into your Guiding Angel’s energy and lifts up your questions and concerns, while shuffling and presenting the cards. With each turn of the deck, a healing answer is revealed.

KristyLea shares, “I truly enjoy doing Archangel Power readings and hope that this new offer will be enjoyable to all who choose to participate. So if you’re looking for some guidance from your angels; schedule your private appointment and let’s have some FUN and get some guidance! How does it get more incredible than that?”

A natural healing of issues that are blocking you occurs in all Angel readings. This is a great way to experience a taste of healing with Ascend-Now. These fun readings are always positive and are our October sales special.

“I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful angel card reading yesterday. Every card you turned helped me see my situation from a more positive perspective and I feel ready to let go of the fear and control I was living in around it. Even questions that were held in my heart and not spoken were addressed in the cards! I now understand I have way more support than I realize from the angelic realms, if I will quit trying to figure everything out and just live in a state of allowance. I can’t believe I am saying this, but I am sort of excited to see how this whole “stressful” situation unfolds, now that I don’t feel so responsible for the outcome! Thank you, KristyLea!!” Julie B.