Happy New Year to All! I hope you all have had a marvelous time this holiday season.

The year of 2016 in numerology is a 9, (2+0+1+6 = 9) and a 9 represents a year of completion. In this amazing year you may find many things you have been working towards for a while now come into completion more easily than ever before! This is great news!

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Open Healing: Thursday, January 21, 8:00- 9:00 p.m. EST. The topic is “Setting and Keeping Your Goals.” See article below for details. All are welcome, so please invite a friend. See page two for important new info. on calling in.

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Word of the Month: Inner Merkaba

The inner Merkaba is located in the Godhead within your mind. You were born with it, but for most it is not active. This Merkaba is beautiful in design and is multi-dimensional and multi layered. It contains information and knowledge of your abilities, the direction you life can take, your true purpose and more.

A note from KristyLea

Open Healing: Setting and Keeping Your New Year’s Goals

Since it is the beginning of the new year, let’s talk New Year Resolutions. It is tradition that you set new goals for the year, but many times we fall short of completing the task and reaching those goals. There can be many obstacles that keep us from achieving the things we desire to achieve. Many times, we get busy and forget. Or we expect instant gratification and give up because things are not happening as quickly as we’d like.

It is time to heal this. It is time to get into the gentleness of process. It has taken us all years (even lifetimes) to get to where we are on all levels of our four body system: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It may take some time to change.

Have you set realistic goals for yourself this month? Does any part of your New Year’s resolution include not openly accepting yourself just as you are? Come join us in this month’s Open Healing, where we will talk about goals and what it is that blocks us from following through. Don’t let another New Year start off with your feeling like you are failing in some way! Let’s explore what you are looking to create in your daily routine, lifestyle, thoughts and feelings, and let’s remove those stubborn blocks that keep you from creating it.

Happy New Year! Happy New YOU!

With great love and kindness,

KristyLea Neville

NEW PRICES REMINDER: Open Healing recordings are now reduced to $15 and all Tasters are $25. See the Online Store in our new website for purchase.

NEW! Our new website will also soon feature a free Meditation Center with new insights posted on a regular basis. Check us out later this month!

Question of the month

“There are a lot of things happening on the earth that are damaging to us. How can we protect ourselves?”

This is a huge question that creates a lot of fear, confusion and chaos in many people. The first thing is to not focus on it. What you focus on, is what you create. I am talking about the energy of focusing on any topic, but because this particular topic is a fearful one, and fear is a powerful negative, it gets manifested very quickly. The intensity of negative energy that is attached to this helps solidify it. So if you are reading, researching, watching videos, news feeds and such through fear – STOP! As you do this, you are assisting to solidify these energies.

Cast a knowing glance only! You do not have to be ignorant, but you also don’t have to buy into it hook line and sinker. When you buy into it, you come into fear, anxiety and other negative emotions. This helps stir the pot, so to speak, bringing all these energies into a more solid state.

The only way to change these things is to turn to the light within yourself; to activate your inner Merkaba. This is all the protection you need. Exercise it. Practice coming into Zero Point and Center Sun. Stay in Universal Meditation Expansion. Expand, expand, expand!!!

The kingdom of God is with in you. Awaken this spark of divine – it is already there. Seek to uncover this within yourself. There is protection and safety in this. You are powerful enough to change this for yourself and the way your body and being react. For those who wish to, they can assist in changing this on a global scale. Take a moment regularly to focus on those who wish to harm Earth and its inhabitants. They have the Light of God within them as well! It is just deeply covered by negativity and a wish to control and manipulate through fear and greed.

Do not hate them, help them. Send them love and light. Bring yourself into a Universal Meditation, come into Zero Point and Center Sun and connect to these people. Not through hate or fear but in love and a genuine desire to assist them to a higher path. Focus on bringing their light forward. Look past their entanglement and darkness and focus on their light, however dim it may be, and assist them to bring their light forward. In doing this, they can have a change of heart. They can heal from what has caused them to come to such darkness.

You can be aware of the things on Earth that you think are damaging and fearful, but stay firmly planted within your Divine light. And share it with others, to create more of the Good!

Beginning Merkaba Exercise

  • Sit in a quiet place in meditation pose, placing your hands on your knees.
  • Take a moment to relax and expand out.
  • Visualize two, three- sided pyramids, one pointing up and one pointing down. You are inside these two pyramids and the top pyramid is spinning one direction and the bottom pyramid the opposite direction. It does not matter which direction they are each spinning, as long as they are spinning opposite directions from each other.
  • Take a slow, deep breath in and hold it at the top for a few seconds. Now breathe out slowly and fully, holding at the bottom for a few seconds.
  • Just notice the spinning of the pyramids while you breathe in slowly and fully and out slowly and fully, holding at the top and bottom of your breaths.
  • Now change perspective and bring your spinning Merkaba with you inside and picture it in or through your third eye. Hold this in your third eye. Continue to breathe slowly in and out, holding a top and bottom breath.
  • Visualize a golden thread going from your heart center to your third eye.
  • Begin to turn your focus on love.
  • Allow the energy of love to fill your Merkaba. Love for family, friends, lovers, love of Christ, of God, of all the Divine. Breathe in this love and allow this to fill your Merkaba. You may feel it beginning to spin faster. This is good. Hold this vision.

Tap into this often. With practice, you will be able to hold this in place for longer and longer times. Even when you are not fully focusing on it. Throughout the day, just simply tap in and see if it is still spinning with the golden cord of love going from your heart center to your third.


For clients who took classes with us last Fall and experienced the occasional (but annoying) call drop in the middle of our class, we are excited to tell you that is a thing of the past! Ascend-Now has now partnered with Go To Meeting, the number one connectivity interface for online business meetings, for all of our classes and Open Healings going forward.

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We are also beginning to record all courses, so you can now “attend” the course whenever it is convenient for you! Stay tuned for more info. on when the recordings will be available for purchase.