Happy December! Warm wishes for a beautiful holiday season full of love, peace and joy and a prosperous, fruitful New Year!

Class Updates:

Registration is now open for January classes. We begin on January 4th with a new twelve week round of all offerings. Please see the schedule on page 2 of the newsletter or visit the website, www.ascend-now.com for more details and to register.

Open Healing: Thursday, December 17 – 8:00- 9:00 p.m. EST. The topic is “Joy.” If you have not experienced a free Open Healing yet, consider it a Christmas gift to yourself this month! All are welcome, so please invite a friend to join you on the call. Call 712-832-8310, Code# 423-2957. See article on Page 2 for topic details.

Website News: Our new website launches in January. To celebrate, we have lowered the price of some offerings. Open Healing mp3s are now $15 and Tasters $25. We hope the new web format and pricing makes it easier for you to obtain the healing you seek.

Got a Question?

Email us anytime at ascendnow.kristylea@gmail.com. Your question may spark an Open Healing topic or a new Taster! And always feel free to ask questions before class or Open Healing. Your inquiry often helps someone else, as well as yourself.

Word of the Month: Light Shift – A shift and increase in your inner light and awareness, usually connected to a vibrational step. When a light shift and vibration step combine, your body begins to hum or buzz with the new energies and light . Bliss!

A note from KristyLea

Universal Meditation

This is a tool that I use in all my classes. It is an exercise to expand you out so you can change your life. It is a higher energy that you are tapping into as you come into the center of your universe. This space brings you into alignment to allow powerful universal creative energies. It is a point of expanded creation of you and your life!

While achieving universal meditation you are learning to expand yourself out, expanding the divine light that is already within you. Yes…. Divine light is already in you…..at times, hiding! lol

This may be difficult at first. You must understand that it is not only in this life but in all lifetimes that you have lived in an contracted state. Learning to and experiencing expansion is a process.

I have created an MP3 recording that will walk you through this process. Through the month of December, I am giving this mp3 recording, Universal Meditation, to you for $1.00 instead of the regular $15.00 (This pays for my processing fees only.) Universal Meditation can be used in many ways. While you are in the center of your universe you can:

  • Generate, create, and manifest anything
  • Health
  • Money
  • A new joy
  • Receive guidance (Ask and listen to God Creator and Universe)
  • Invite more synchronicity into your life
  • Call in new friends, lovers or soul family
  • Heal your body
  • And a whole lot more!

It is a place of new beginnings! Please feel free to share and forward this newsletter to anyone you feel would enjoy. You may also share this newsletter on social media, and it will be posted on our website. Merry Christmas to all of you! With great love and kindness,

KristyLea Neville

Q and A


Over the holidays I have problems with deep stress, anxiety and depression. Can you give me some guidance on how to prevent this?

Yes. Anytime you are experiencing stress and depression, it is a deep contraction of you. You suck in all your light and love into yourself. This goes against your natural divine state. It causes unease within the self. It is a way that you focus on all that ‘is not’ instead all ‘that is.’

So to help you refocus on something else, here is a symbol for you to look at. It is the Heavenly Light Language Symbol of Praise. Praise be to God. It is filled with a heavenly light and the vibration of praise. It also contains a purity of love for all. (Including yourself!)

I invite you to come into Universal Meditation* and look at this symbol and allow the energy of Praise to take place within you. Allow it to join with your 4 body system. Your 4 bodies are: the mental body, emotional body, spiritual body and the physical body. Doing this while in Universal Meditation will lift you up to a new place, a much higher vibration from that of lower vibrations of depression, stress and anxiety.

“PRAISE” Heavenly Light Language

Praise Symbol


Joy to the World! Joy to the world! Now that is a statement! Experiencing joy is not as easy as it sounds. Joy to the world is even harder. It seems that the Christmas season is filled with a lot of stress, debt and discomfort. Not joy.

Even outside the holidays, joy is not experienced well on earth. When we see someone who is in joy, we think they are on drugs – or just crazy!

Are you ready to change this? Is it time to change this? How will this allowance change your life and all those who are around you?

When living in a space of joy, I find that things simply don’t bother me much. Things that would set me off in the past simply pass by me. I notice them go by and think… I remember when that affected me! And I smile because it no longer has that power to affect.

Yes, joy is that powerful. It has the strength and energy to dissipate any negative vibration. It helps you overcome fear, sadness, depression and stress. That little amazing word….’joy’ is a powerhouse of light.

What are you holding onto that is bringing you and your body to a place of disallowance or refusal to experience joy embodied? Would you like to have an experience of God’s Joy? Yes we can allow ourselves to embody God’s Joy! It is a state of bliss embodied when we allow ourselves this great gift.

Join us for the December, 2015 Open Healing to release judgments and blocks that are preventing you from discovering the power of Joy.


Dear KristyLea, I had to write and tell you a healing miracle I experienced last night. Yesterday as I was getting into the shower, I stubbed my toe on the threshold so hard I thought I had broken it. It swelled up and turned purple within hours and I could not put weight on it without pain, even though I iced it right away. I had a rough day and then remembered last night I had bought your “Pain Release” taster earlier in the fall. I wondered if it would help me. So I played it on my ipod before I fell asleep. I still can’t believe it, but this morning I was PAIN FREE. My toe is still purple but it does not hurt at all and I am walking fine. It is a miracle, and I had to tell you how much I appreciate what you are doing. Thank you, KristyLea, from Steve D.