Similar to tarot cards, KristyLea uses Oracle cards.  Guided by Mother God, God creator and/or Ascended masters you can receive guidance from higher realms in a 3 card-$35.00  or a full 9 card- $50.00 reading. Main decks; Energy Deck and the Path of the Soul Deck.

A one hour reading is $35.  Book here.  




Energy Oracle Deck:

 Get a reading of present energies you project and the results you are likely to attract. Understand what your unconscious is creating as well as any hidden blocks that may delay your progress.



Path of the Soul Deck:

Experience profound insight into your Soul’s purpose, inner gifts and spiritual advancement.

KristyLea is excited to offer these readings and provide you with more choices to receive information, healing and guidance from multiple sources of Divine Heavenly energies and guidance.  All readings come from God, as she connects to the Creator of All, the Angels and the Ascended Masters for every reading.

Book here.