As our bodies strive to come into higher and higher consciousness, our bodies need the correct nutritional support to be able to reach these higher states of being and remain balanced and healthy. We are asking a lot of our bodies to carry us into the 5D states of reality. We have found that many of us who are striving for the 5D states of being that the 3D food available is still not enough to sustain us fully. Not even the organic foods available today are simply not enough to sustain us fully as we come into these higher vibrations that are occurring both individually and earth wide with portals and ascension waves hitting the earth at this time.
We asked God and the Masters to lead us to the right fit. Juliette and I both had a few trial and errors until we found it!
With great excitement we are now recommending the following products to add to your daily regiment to assist your vessel into nourishment, balance and detox as you move into 5D.

As founder of Ascend-Now my work requires a certain amount of energy and clarity. When I started Sunrider products I felt a difference within just a few days of use. I continue to feel better and am now able to handle the energy shifts that are occurring worldwide much easier as well as feeling my body shift into more light and energy. I am also noticing my skin, hair feel softer and healthy. I have tons more energy to get though the day and inflammation is coming down drastically. My blood sugars are much easier to manage. I no longer have cravings for sweet or junk foods! That was a big one for me. I simply don’t want it. My digestion is improving while the bloating is decreased! I am also losing inches off my body. I have begun to lose some weight at this point as well, but I noticed inches coming off first because the products help in building lean muscle. Very exciting for me!
I have slipped into 5D several times in a way that it was much smoother. I did not feel jerked back into this reality but it was a smooth transition for me. After this special experience the Ascended Masters that I am working with daily told me that I was ready to come into the next steps to gain 5D on deeper levels. I truly feel it is the physical support these products have given my body that has helped me intergrade into more light that allows me to hold these states with more ease.
Now this is funny! As I am writing this, my husband Mark comes in and points to his belt buckle. He just had to take it up a notch! He also is having more energy and clarity. And apparently losing inches and weight too! How fantastic!
With much deliberation and prayer, we have decided to share what we are doing to create such change and support our bodies are receiving to assist in our own process.
With much joy,
Kristylea Founder

The company name is Sunrider.
Sunrider Foods are unique and exclusive, concentrated, predigested, live enzyme food to nourish the entire body at the cellular level with Nuplus. We recommend the Nuplus Original. It does not contain soy, as the other flavored Nuplus products do contain soy.

Nuplus is directly absorbed by the body to give cellular energy so that the trillions of cells in your body are fed in a way so that they can do what they are designed to do with more ease. Nuplus also fills in the nutritional gaps and eliminates poor eating habits. It is instant fuel for the body. The whole food nutrients are immediately absorbed into the blood stream and put into use as fuel for health and energy.
It strengthens the body by quickly nourishing cells, provides nutrients to build lean muscle and healthy tissue throughout the body. Supplies enhanced energy with fewer calories. Stimulates fat burning.
Reduces cravings.

Balance the 5 body systems with Quinery.
Quinery helps the 5 systems of the body to balance out and work more efficiently. This nourishes the Defense System (Immune), Digestive System, Respiratory System, Circulatory System and Endocrine System. It nourishes and keeps the energy flow and the balance of ‘IN” and all systems in harmony. This flow between the systems is where quality of life and longevity are centered. If you could remember only one thing about Quinary, it would be the word BALANCE. Quinary nourishes the systems of the body to create Balance, or Harmony, in the body.

Cleanse the cells with Cali and Fortune Delight
When you choose the philosophy of regeneration as your goal, you will want to nourish all of the body instead of parts you think are weak or out of balance. Restore balance with nourishment in, toxins out.
Calli is a fantastic tea! (1 Bag makes 1 gallon of tea) Calli is a very special beverage and cleanses the body on a cellular level. Calli is a great alternative for caffeine-filled drinks, such as colas, teas, and coffee. It clears the body of unwanted fat and cholesterol, accumulation of toxic metabolic wastes, metals (Aluminum, mercury) Fermentation and putrefaction from negative diet, drinking water impurities, uric acid, unwanted join deposits, drugs, impurities from kidneys, liver- lymph- lungs- skin and colon, radiation, nicotine and caffeine, chemotherapy residue, pesticides, chemicals and preservatives, harmful bacteria, and free radicals.

When drinking Calli the body responds with:
Increased Energy, enhanced mental clarity, greater emotional stability, cell regeneration, increased alkaline ph, strengthened kidneys, liver and other organs of elimination, more natural slenderness, better circulation and blood/arterial plaque cleansing.

Fortune Delight — Herbal Beverage with concentrated antioxidants fat flushing beverage. Nourishes the digestive system, refreshes and restores. Fortune Delight includes all the benefits of green tea antioxidants in whole food form, plus much more! With 5000 years of research behind Sunrider’s food combining, we can enjoy Fortune Delight as a great energy food without the caffeine effects
Fortune Delight assists the body’s natural elimination processes, helping to remove impurities that may be stored in fat cells, “moves out the fat,” breaks up lactic acid in the muscles. Both Calli and Fortune Delight have been tested by gas chromatography to show the presence of important catechins, flavonoids and antioxidants! Both beverages are more than just tea!

Nourishes the entire digestive system, promotes assimilation of food, includes electrolytes for energy, quenches thirst “Wetter than water”, metabolizes stored/consumed fat/cholesterol, counters candida overgrowth, effective against parasites, promotes alkaline ph, provides antioxidants to fight free radicals and replaces water with added nutrition.

SunnyDew Liquid Stevia, combined with our health drinks can help curb cravings for sugary sweet foods and drinks and support several organs and systems within the body.
Nourishes the liver, pancreas, adrenal glands and digestive system. Helps relive mental, emotional and physical fatigue, improves ability of the body to burn fat. Chrysanthemum flower in sunny dew is calming and anti-inflammatory regulates blood sugar. Better glucose balancing, more even energy flow, more energy flow, healthful alternative to sugar and other artificial chemical sweeteners. Improves clarity of thought, mental alertness, lessens tissue degeneration, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-yeast, topical skin care- healing agent and more.

Now it is easier than ever to order.  Just click the link below and be taken to my ordering page.  Simply simple!





*Sunrider is a MLM with conscious integrity and needs to be explained and word of mouth does that. It brings us back to connecting with each other. As founder and Co-Founder, Kristylea and Juliette personally use these products and we have felt and experienced a true difference in using them. It allows our bodies to hold more light. Because of this, it is assisting us to step into more consciousness and experience stepping into 5D in a physical way and holding the higher vibrations for longer periods of time. The process of ascension requires the body to hold more light and higher vibrations to be held within the body and energy field. We both feel that these products are assisting us greatly in our own process of ascension.
You do not have to join to receive the Sunrider products.

You can order directly with our sponsor information by joining as a IBO (Independent Business Owner), if that is what you wish.
If you choose to join Sunrider as a IBO member, the price is $59.00 once a year, with no monthly minimum purchase. And you will save 10% on all orders.

You do not have to build it as a business, if you do not wish to do so. You can sign up as a retail customer under us as your sponsor. After using the products for a while you may wish to share your experience with others.  Then, when your ready to can join as an IBO member and have people sign in under you.

We are here to assist you.  It’s all choice!
If you have any questions, please contact:

Kristylea at 828-446-6865 or email me at
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