There has been a lot of growth with Ascend-Now.


We are now international! And we are expanding what we are offering for 2020.

With all the earth wide energy’s over 2019 and coming 2020 there is more interest than ever and a lot of you have been asking for more! So I’m buckling down and giving you what you have been asking for…. MORE!

Short Healings
I have been asked why I don’t offer more Free Open Healings though out the month. My answer is time…… and I do this work for income too.
But to accommodate those who want more, here it is.
Similar to Open Healings, Short Healings will be offered on 2 Wednesdays a month at 9pm and will have a short topic and we will be running God codes too!
Price is set low at $35.00 per session.
*Don’t worry, we will be still offering Seven Seals and God Codes on Tuesdays at 8pm!  for $35.00

To book, Visit here

Intuitive Guide Training 2 times a month.
Many of you have been asking, how I do what I do….. Well it has taken time and a lot of effort to develop these ability’s. There is no quick way to develop Physic Intuition, Sight, Clair audio and it takes practice to see bigger patterns of energy and how the effect each individual’s differently.

So to cover what you are asking me to guide you into these personal developments, I have come up with Intuitive Guide Training calls. We Will be covering 3rd eye transitions, Clair audio development and overall, guiding you into your personal development of Physic intuition and ability’s.

Again, this is not a quick fix. It takes time and dedication to develop these skills. I wish it was as simple as a weekend course and BAM you got it all. But try as I might over the past 2 years, every time I sat down to channel it in this way, it got heavy and very complicated. So as much as I would like to bonk you over the head with a magic stick and make you a great physic intuitive. Energetically it simply just docent work that way.

I have come up with Intuitive Guide Training. This will be a simple way to awaken your ability’s as you develop and expand into them with the assistance of the Ascended Masters, Angels and your personal Guides. To come to the process of developing your own physic intuitive gifts.

This offering is scheduled for two times a month in online an call that will last around 2 hours each call. Beginning in January 2020 at 9pm EST. By subscription of $150 a month.  You can join when your ready and discontinue when your satisfyed with your level of development.

*Calls will not be recorded. It will be your responsibility to show up to class and  practice on your own. (Developing these ability’s will take some time and effort.)

Register here