Main Focus: The Mind

The healing of The Mind can be the Second steps into enlightened states.  It is a doorway into the conscious Ascension process that creates more expansion expression of your truth from within.  It is my joy to offer personal healing that will assist you in opening the door of consciousness and oneness with yourself.

Some of the things that can be tailored just for you in this focus are:

Silent Mind: Guiding you to expand beyond thought. The internal chatter takes a tremendous amount of energy.  Learning how to quiet the mind is key in expanding into more expanded and enlightened states of being.

Negative Thought Patterns: We will address a lot of thought energy, clearing the mind of negative patterns of thought.  Many of our thought patterns are based in harsh judgments of others and ourselves. This will be addressed.

Addictive/Repetitive Thoughts: Many times the things we want to change the most are almost impossible to change due to our thought processes.  Addictive thought patterns, energy and vibrations prevent us from shifting into a new space, one that we would like for ourselves. Addictive energies can be within the self or even attached to another person, place or thing.  It can tie to this life or past. I have also seen it tied in with ancestors.  This is all looked at and addressed.

Control: We will dive deeper into the patterns of control energy in this main focus.  The Seat of Control and Yoke of labor that is contain inside the inner core will begin to have deeper clearing. This will alleviate a lot of aggravating situations in your life.

Relationships: Changes in how you connect to others will take place.  Replacing many of the 3D mindsets and connecting deeper into the 5D perceptions and energies as you become clearer, will make way for more peaceful and loving connections with others.

Money Issues: If you are having financial issues, this will be addressed and your mindsets cleared around this. An allowing and guidance in receiving deeper O-Flows that flow through your body and are connected to all abundance will begin. Learning how to manifest, create and generate thought more expanded states will be worked on as well as gaining more expansion that will affect many arias of your life positively.

Personal Power: Coming into the balance of your power. Aligning the masculine and feminine energy within you will begin as you discover balance of energies within.  The 3D perspectives of power will release and you will align more with 5D. Coming into the undersigning of the power of spoken word and thoughts will be given.

Connect with Nature: If you are interested, work to begin a deeper communion with nature and learning how to use those energies within your life will be taught as well.

If you experience anger, hate, upset, drama, and are generally unhappy, this working on the Mind is a great Main Focus for you.

The God Codes and Seven Seals are a part of this main focus. Learn More Hear

Each focused healing set is tailored for you to get you into a state of health the quickest way possible.

**Please note:

The time frame that you will be working with Ascend-Now and KristyLea is a spiritual contract between you, God-Creator, the Ascended Masters, and KristyLea.  Your session time is not the only healing you will be receiving. Continued shifting beyond the session time is natural. The work does not stop at session time as they continue to work with you in-between sessions of your package.  As your guide, KristyLea will walk with you though your process. You are not alone.  KristyLea stands as witness for the shifting, clearing and expansion of you into a healthy state.  She will relate what she sees as the Masters and God work with your body and energies.

Although we understand you are asking for change, change is not always easy.  Our motto is ‘Sit back, relax and allow.”  At times you may experience intensity, fear, and discomfort in your body.  This is due to the changes occurring, and resistance to letting go.  The logical mind resist change because it is programed to protect and keep you safe, even if that means keeping you ill. That is how the physical brain works and it is designed to do so.

Your part is to relax and allow. That is not always easy when you do not know how to let something go.  Be patient, it is a process.

If you have any further questions, please contact KristyLea.

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