Ascend-Now also offers an Open Healing subscription service!

For only $6.00 a month, Open Healing Members Only members will receive added benefits to the free healings that everyone else receives monthly. All Members Only members receive a recording of every monthly Open Healing, so they can listen to the healing again and again for deeper healing; PLUS they receive a second, deeper topic healing that is not open to non members.

Every first Thursday of every month, Members Only members get a SECOND HEALING with deeper topics and more time for questions and personal requests! See your special members only topics below.

PLUS – mp3 recordings of both healings, every month!

Visit this page for more information about Members Only.



8:00 p.m. EST

Jan 7; A fresh start

Feb 4; Coming into new rhythms

March 4; Inner light intensity- inaugurating it comfortably

April 1; Shifting reality

May 6; Awakening the slumbering you

June 3; Coming into Balancing within you new power

July 1; Becoming the light house- 3eye work

Aug 5; Honoring truth

Sep 2; Believing in your change

Oct 7; Brining in peace- The radiance in your truth

Nov 4; Breath of Love (From God)

Dec 2; Centering to celestial


On the month you join us as a member, you will receive the current month’s recording and the previous month’s recording as part of your welcome package.

Here are all the benefits of being part an Open Healing Members Only member:

  • Private Member’s only Open Healings on the 1st Thurs. of every month with deeper topics and more time for questions and personal requests.
  • Recordings of all Member’s Only Healings AND our regular free public Open Healings.
  • 10% off ALL workshop fees.
  • Special healings and clearings according to what is happening energetically worldwide that may be causing disruption on a large scale.  Look for private email invite.
  • Occasional channeled information/messages as they come in.
  • PLUS the occasional free give away drawing for Ascend-Now products and teachings.

Email KristyLea  with any questions or visit here to sign up as a Members Only participant. Please be sure your Paypal email address is the address you would like Ascend-Now to use for your private invites. 

To pay $6 per month subscription, JOIN HERE NOW!

To pay for the whole year subscription($72) in one easy payment, click “Subscribe” button below!


Open Healings are held through GoTo Meeting. You can call in or join online.

  1. KristyLea will be live video for all in attendance through internet.
  2. Those who come in online can also use the chat box with GoTo to type messages to her privately. She is happy to answer questions  or you can add your personal request for healing (as time allows.)
  3. Before coming in, be in a quiet, comfortable space.  Prepare to be relaxed and undisturbed for the hour call.
  4. You must mute your mic as you come in.  This allows the line to be quiet for everyone in attendance. This is in respect for this free work that is offered for all – everyone needs to be able to hear KristyLea.
  5. NO MULTI -TASKING. By joining in, you are asking for healing. Yet if you are multi-tasking you are not really allowing anything to shift nor are you fully present and preparing for this change.  This includes the time in the beginning of each call when KristyLea begins announcements.  At this point she will begin to connect to each of you and receive individual information with God and the Ascended Masters so that you each get what is needed for you! This also includes directly after the healing set has been given. Please remain relaxed and fully present for the remainder of the call.  This is in respect for what has been given to you by God! This is also in respect to yourself and all who are in attendance.  There may be questions asked that you could miss some important information or extra healing or clearing that could be very beneficial to you.
  6. If you have a question: There are times KristyLea will ask if anyone has questions.  Please feel that you can ask! Un-mute your mic and ask, then re-mute mic. Or if you are online, use the chat box. So ask away.  She loves to get questions or give more clarity if you feel you wish that.
  7. You can always ask a question before any call by email.

Email KristyLea with any additional healing requests or make a request when you call in that night.    

  • To participate, please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • You can also dial in using your phone.
    United States +1 (872) 240-3212

    Access Code: 369-186-301


“Thanks KL! It was a good session last night. I was very quiet as I have had a tough week and didn’t know where to even begin with questions! Anyhow I woke up with more hope and joy this morning so thank you!!!!!”
Love, Isla