Members Only Special Call
The Blessing of Milk and Honey
September 7, 2019
11:00Am EST – Online Only- Free


A gift to all members!
This will be a short call of approx. 45 min to answer questions and give each you the blessing of Milk and Honey. It will be different experience to receive this as a blessing.
The energy was gifted to me though the Egyptian God Thoth.
He took me and showed it to me, and assists me to exist within this wonderful energy. He then blessed me for all eternity with this energy. It is a very healing, prosperous energy and receiving it as a blessing is a beautiful gift.
I have activated it within many but only once as a blessing and I can now see how different the activation is vs. the blessing of it.
As Open Healing members- I would like to gift this blessing to you.
It is an important energy for all abundance and health. It helps you reside in deeper peaceful states and will help you shift, heal and change though kindness.
If you have received this as a blessing from me before, joining us again this will assist you to more deeply connect to this great energy. It will increase your awareness of the Milk and Honey in your space, life and deepen your awareness of how to use it for the embetterment of you.

Receiving this as a blessing will also create change within your Akashic record!

In this short call you will receive;
 Clearing of resistance
 The blessing of Milk and Honey
 Opening doors activation to bring you into infinite possibility
 Creation activation
 Connecting to multiverse 5D- Milk and Honey
 Physical receiving- Healing though Milk and Honey
 And more.

*This call will not be recorded.
**If you would like to receive this blessing and are not a member yet, you can join for $6.00 a month. There are several benefits to being a member. Learn more about membership here.