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Open Healing

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A note from KristyLea

I hope you are all enjoying the beginning of summer.  For me, it is kid’s playing, grass mowing and the beginning of new growth for my plants.  It is a time of reflection for me as I sit on my porch and look out over the fresh mowed lawn.  I am still waiting for the fireflies to come out and dance! Are you taking time in your daily life to stop and smell the roses?  It is an important thing to always remember that life is to be celebrated.  Especially during difficult times, you should take time to find things to be grateful for and celebrate those things!  The energy of gratitude will pull you out of negative thoughts and energies and replace you on a positive path.

I encourage you all to keep a gratitude journal.  Take a few moments to sit down and write events and experiences that you are grateful for, that you enjoyed.

I began to do this during a difficult time in my life.  My husband Mark and I were having a difficult time together.  I took it to God, feeling that only he could fix it! I was then guided to begin to journal in this way. This was difficult to find things that made me laugh or things that I was grateful about when I was angry at my husband.  I had to sit quietly for a while before God began to guide me to those memories.  But it got easier once I began to put pen to paper as you might say.  My anger began to dissipate as I began to change my focus.

You have all heard the saying, “what you focus on, you get more of.”  It’s true! As I began to focus on the good things, all that I liked about my life, my life began to change.  Things smoothed out with my marriage.  I began to receive more and more events that created the feelings of gratitude.  Life became easie

It wasn’t until about a year later that Mark was going through a difficult time with work and just not feeling well emotionally or physically that I pulled out my journal and sat down next to him on the couch.

He immediately said he did not want to know what I wrote in my journal. (I think it scared him some. LOL)

I laughed and thumbed through the pages.  I read to him a few things I had written down about him and how it made me feel, love, humor, and gratitude.  I allow the spirit of gratitude to flow as I read and he sat quietly and listened.  I did this every night for about a week.  This changed him. It began to heal what was going on with in him. I now do this with my children as well.

Gratitude is a powerful tool. It can shift not only yourself but others that you are close to. It has a powerful way to heal. And healing is always a wonderful thing.

Your gratitude journal can be the miracle you are wishing for. Let the miracle begin!

When is Enough…. Enough?

We have all experienced times where we have reached our limit with other people or situations.  When is it time to step in and say “that’s enough!” ? How do we do this from a conscious space without going into contraction, anger or even vengeance?

Take a step back, take a deep breath and let’s look at it from a different perspective.

I have found that most the times I went into upset, it was due to my own judgement/control energy and thoughts – feeling and buying into the rightness/ wrongness of the situation.  The upset is because the balance of control was being tested.  By this I mean, the justification of  the way you felt you believed in something.  Upset is usually caused because things did not go the “way you felt it should be.” This of course is all based in judgement and control. The reaction to the upset then becomes the justification of why you got upset.

Understanding of this process is the key to letting it all go.  Once you let go of all of this, life becomes simply interesting points of view.  Things happen and you have let go of the need to react in any way. This is the point of detachment and acceptance.

So what about those moments when you reach your limit. How do you handle those times without damaging the work in progression, meaning, the expansion you have gained?

Address the situation though an expanded state. Stay calm…… don’t scream….  sounds good right? Yeah, but I also know that in the heat of the moment, it is difficult to do. The key is to breathe. Before you say anything take three slow deep breaths. Holding at the top of the breath for a moment, then release. Hold at the bottom of breathe.  Do this three times.

If it is an especially hot moment, step away from the situation. You can gather all the energy stirring in your guts (which is your solar plexus chakra) and push it up though your throat chakra and with power say, “ENOUGH.” Don’t yell it. It can be a calm voice. Yet it can be powerful as you allow the energy to move through your throat chakra into your larynx.

If they continue in an argumentive state, do this again until they stop or walk away from you. Pull roots down from your feet into the earth for balance to come in.

Once you have there attention, let them know you need a moment to expand out so that you can address this as it should be. After your three breaths, you can then say what you need to say. Then you must let go of all the energy. Do not hold on to it. I know at times you will want to look at it and keep stirring it.  Resist the desire for this. Let it go. Breathe and let go.

Let’s shift for a moment and talk about righteous anger. I have heard this phrase all of my life. Yet I never understood what exactly it was until I found myself on the receiving end one time.

Righteous anger exists and now that I understand it from this one life experience I can explain it.  Righteous anger happens when you are fully clear.  Imagine you are upset or angry because something does not work for you. It is a choice for yourself that is based solely on the fact that it doesn’t work for you, or, you are standing in your own power, which is clear, and this doesn’t feel “right.” And the other person is holding themselves in a space that does not work for you. They unknowingly or in their own contracted state continue to push you in a way that is working to try to force you into their entanglement.

So I will share with you.  Several years back while working with Lord Metatron, my mind went into a tale-spin of thoughts that were trapping me.  They began to get way out of control, I could feel myself spinning and spinning and trying to get out and then I began to get really angry and I was literally yelling at myself in my own head. Panic was setting in through this experience and I went into doubt that Metatron could help me and he instantly and with power said “Enough!”

He said what he needed to say. I could feel his anger. He did allow me to feel it while he said what he needed to say to me. Once he was done, I felt his anger completely dissipate and he was his normal self.  Then I went into another spin of embarrassment, shame, guilt etc.  He said “Enough, don’t go there either.” He then placed his hand on my head and my mind went completely silent. I became still for the first time in years and years. Possibly the first time in my life. It was a pivotal point for me. I have not ever gone back into a spin such as that, since this moment.

It was a experience that I now treasure because it taught me so much.  Anger is something I have always avoided. The energy of anger scared me. I never liked to see it or feel it. It was always too much for me to take as an empathic person. Truthfully, anger was an energy I never fully understood. This experience allowed me to see it, accept it and learn the true value of righteous  anger.

At times it is needed so that you can stand in your truth.  It can allow you to remain in your power when done correctly.

  • Stay focused
  • Stay expanded
  • Say what you need to say (without yelling)
  • Then let go of it all and come back into expanded balance.

Question of the Month

“KristyLea, I feel like people are draining me. Do you have any suggestions that may help me protect myself?”

Several things can cause this.  You may not be allowing a full enough flow of energy from the universe to flow through your body sufficiently. Make sure that you are taking time to meditate and fill your own cup. Starting to hold your expanded state as much as you can will also help in making sure that you have sufficient energy for yourself and those around you. Your body does not live on food alone. You need the energy as well to be fully balanced and healthy.

There are parasitical people. There are always those few people that when you are around them, you come away feel exhausted.  If you have found yourself attracting these people into your life,  here are some guidelines to assist you in dealing with them.

  • Let down your barriers and push energy at them.  They are used to people putting up energetic blocks around them and they ‘suck hard’ to get energy from others (or feed off of you.)  When you let all barriers down and push the energy to them, many times they will back off.


  • Make sure that you are not feeding off others.  At times when things become difficult in life we will unknowingly feed from the energy of others instead of connecting to divine source.  If you are attracting several people who are draining you.  I suggest that you do a salt scrub or Epsom salt bath. This will clear your auric field and begin to give you a new start.  I also suggest you consider a Noni cleanse.  I prefer the liquid form of Noni juice.  Take 1-2 oz, two times a day for 10 days.  If you are feeling like you are being sucked dry, do three rounds of 10 days on, 5 days off. Do this three times.  This will cleanse your own body and you may find that others will no longer be as likely to feed off you.


  • If you are being drained by someone close to you, you may have a karmic debt that is being played out.  In meditation and expansion ask that the debt be marked as payed in full and think of this person.  Visualize light all around them, then let them go, like letting go of a big balloon. See them float peacefully away. Acknowledge that it is done. Once the peace fills you and you accept and acknowledge that it is truly done, you can open your eyes and move forward.