Right now we are offering a free giveaway for our Magical You healings on Facebook. All you have to do is like our Facebook page and comment on the giveaway post to be entered to win. If you comment with a friend’s name, you get even more entries, one for every friend you mention! Winner will be announced  on January 2, 2017. A couple of people who are new to Ascend-Now messaged me and asked “What is Magical You and why do I want it?” Good question!
For those that don’t know, I am an energetic healer who can see the way energy moves – how it limits, how it creates, how it releases, what the thoughts are behind it – so my business is witnessing energy for others and helping them find a place of joy and healing in their minds and bodies. This giveaway is one of my most fun and also easiest beginning points to understand how thought works in manifestation and health. It is two separate recordings, each about a half hour long. Both start with a 5-6 minute guided meditation, which if you understand hypnotism, many say they feel like they are being hypnotized when they first start a healing with me, but I am not actually hypnotizing you, I am just helping relax your theta brain waves so we can look at your unconscious thoughts and help you let go of those that do not serve you. Once you are good and relaxed, I will begin to watch the energy and release any negative thought patterns and resistances to the impossibility of magic. Truth is, magic (manifestation) is happening around you all the time. The universe is always responding to your thoughts and bringing you what you think, you are just too distracted to be aware of how much control you have over your day to day events. This Magical You mp3 healing will shift that for you. It opens your third eye, opens you up to the possibility of magic, releases any spiritual ego and resistance, aligns you into 5D reality and gives you a true perspective of magic and magical moments. That’s it! All you have to do is LISTEN, nothing more. The second mp3 builds upon the first, so wait a couple of days before you play it. And as with all of my healings, the more you listen, the deeper the healing goes.
I hope this helps explain a little more about me and my offerings. I am so happy to see you here on the website and Facebook page! Keep your questions coming! And do join us the third Thursday of every month for FREE ONE HOUR healing, which in January will be the 19th. Watch our Facebook page for reminders. Happy healing, you star studded magical being!