I have heard this many times growing up. I have thought about this many times over throughout my life, as well. It seems that in today’s world, we don’t have time to love ourselves, much less others. We are too busy taking care of what needs to be done; work, home, kids, laundry and on down the list. It also seems to be that there is much coveting of others around us. The energy that one maintains “keeping up with the Joneses ” is becoming more prevalent than any form of genuine friendship or true kindness towards neighbors, friends and even family. Love has been disappearing in our world.

I have now walked the path of the Seven Seals for almost a year. I want to share with you an experience that I had just the other day.You see, I have been like most. Love of my self was not considered an important thing in my life. Not until I looked at myself in the mirror the other morning, and felt my heart open. I looked deeply into my own reflection and felt my heart open and my mind shift…. I felt genuine love for myself.

My thoughts had changed from “too fat, too old, too whatever judgment I was carrying of me” into a beautiful Love and appreciation of myself. I thought, “Wow I’m pretty, I have great eyes. I can see the light coming though me,” as I recognized in shock that I had somewhere along the way of my life experience lost love for myself. What was lost to me, is now found. In that love for myself, I can now experience a deeper love for all others. I now have the life experience of love and appreciation of my neighbors, and all others.

This is something that begins within you. Are you are ready to wake up to Love once again?

Just a Pearl………..Given with Great Love and Kindness,

KristyLea, Founder-Guide Ascend-Now