……..and the damage they can do to your healing.

Looping thoughts can be a damaging process. Let’s take a moment together and look at what this is and how it can be sabotaging you and your success in healing and expanding.

Thoughts cycle around. You think back on something that was an event that happened that ‘hurt you’ and it once again, it  stirs up that hurt and the emotional state it caused.  Now, the mind cannot tell that you are thinking back in the past.  So it is reinstating the hurt and lower vibrations into your emotional body and this feeds back to your physical body and your BODY re-lives that damage.

You may start to recover, and BAM you ‘remember’ and begin to think of it again – reliving the pain and suffering all over again. I call this the Logical Mind.  It is a loop that gets stuck, a mindset, and the way the physical brain operates.  The brain functions to exists as it has always been.  It does not like change, it keeps you stable in whatever you have created. You do this enough times, the brain will create a certain pattern or locked point and perception. This occurs due to the fact that you remained connected to the lower energy for so long, it became a stuck point in you.  It has semi-permanently created a fixed point of being.

This can be changed!

Ego and logical mind.

The ego is the self-talk that keeps you down. All of those internal words you ‘hear’ in your head are the ego. This is called by many the ego or the lower self.  The logical mind triggers the ego to express though words to keep you in the cycle. Now think about this.  Many times those words may only be in your head, you think them. But sometimes you talk to another person and relive situations or you are ‘trying to figure it out’ by talking over and over about it to another.  The effect and damage is the same.  By choosing to discuss the situation over and over again, you are choosing to stay in it.  The logical mind and looping thoughts are being successful in keeping you in it.  The damage and sabotage are setting a point to fall back into.

Fixed points become stronger from beyond this life.  It can also tie you into past life events and emotions and heritage or lineage events, making the entanglement a more powerful pull. It can align you to earth humanity and connect you to more of the same energy that is connected to all of this as well.Because you are in it, you feel others who are as well, and you connect even more deeply and further into the entanglement.  You think it is all yours, but it is not.  This all makes these feelings more intense at times! It is all part of the entanglement of man.

At times depression can come on and you don’t know why.  Could it all be connected to this?  Yes ,I do believe so.  At one point you connected to this vicious cycle. It can happen in thousands of different ways. You connect through entanglement to entanglement.  It can feel like a prison at times – because it IS.

How to break free!

Yes, you can break free!  It may be difficult at first, yet it is possible.  To do so, you must train your brain to not keep looking at the past situation, thinking about it and re-living it over and over.  Take the mind into a silent state to break  the cycle.

I know some of you may still be resistant to meditation – and all that foo-foo stuff – lol. You can also use other methods to distract the mind for a short while. You can use a simple visualization method, like this one. Think of a peaceful place (the ocean is always a good one for me.) Now relax your body and think of a relaxing space in detail. In using the ocean as an example, see the colors of the sand and water, see the waves, feel the air on your face. hear the seagulls and the waves gently washing ashore. Do this until you are no longer thinking in words in your head.Do this as you take slow, deep breaths and relax your body into it. Allow this to become an experience. Allow your mind to no longer think words.Sit in this quiet for a short time.

Great! Good Job!

You just meditated by the way!  HAHA (It makes me SO happy!)

For a time, while you are healing and resetting, do this every time you begin to think of the upset or event or situation you are working to heal from. I know it is hard to not think about it or talk about it for a while.  Take deep breaths. This is a new way of going through something. I promise it will get you through it much faster. Resist the urge to try to figure it out by thinking about it over and over.  This will only solidify the pain and suffering, looking you further into the looping.

I can feel your resistance to this idea.  This is not an ignoring or denying of a situation or event.  It is a resetting phase. This is a reprieve, so you can begin the healing process. You are stepping out of the cycle that can imprison you in negative and painful emotions.  With practice and in time, you can look objectively at the situation without going back into the upset of it. You will come to a space where you can look at it without the triggers of emotional pain and all the judgments, justifications and all the expectations or failed expectations that were connected to the event. You can heal further by examining these things.  They are the essence of your entanglement and how you connected to the event or situation through entanglement, the lower self and all the looping thoughts.

This is coming into a more expanded state of existence.  One that helps you begin changing your life from judgments/justification/reaction into one of expansion/detachment/acceptance. A grounding in peace and calm. When you become this space, nothing has power over you to jerk you out of your joy and happiness.

Given with joy and kindness,


Founder/guide Ascend-Now.com

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