Welcome to March! Wow this year is flying by.

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Thank you to all who have been participating in Ascend-Now and all we offer. It is great to connect to you as we move forward into 2017.  I am working hard to continue to provide as many free offerings as possible.  This includes the Open Healing calls as well as all that is being posted on YouTube.  I invite you to share the YouTube videos with friends and family as well as liking us on Facebook and sharing our posts on your social media.  The more followers we receive, the more it helps spread the news about Ascend-Now and all we have available here.  The more of us who are working individually on our own growth, the more beautiful, peaceful and loving the world can become!

Please feel free to contact me anytime if you have a topic you would like me to cover either by workshop, YouTube or MP3.  What do you want? Where do you feel stuck?  What questions can I answer for YOU?

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Open Healing: Thursday, March 16, 2017

8:00 – 9:00 p.m. EST. Topic: Living in the Now

Time is one of the most malleable of all the laws. Many believe it is totally linear – past, present, future, but it is not.  It moves and bends with us constantly and is one of the biggest illusions that we live with. (Weren’t expecting to hear that, were you?! HA!)

Yes, much of our time is spent in planning for the future or dreaming about it.  And the other part of our time is spent thinking about or reliving  the past. When this is the case, how much time are we really spending being fully present in the NOW?

How much of our time here on Earth is spent avoiding the now at all costs?  My thoughts are that A LOT of time slips by and we do not fully utilize our present moments.

What would it be like to cherish every single moment as it occurs, to be fully present in the ‘now’ of time? Do you know that the Heavenly state is beyond all form of time? This is what is meant by eternal heaven; it is the space without time.  It is in this heavenly space that we see that the past, present and future are all happening in the same heavenly moment.

So why is it so hard to connect to this simple truth and experience the now of our precious moment?

Come join me this month in Open Healing as we explore this topic together. We will release the regret of the past, anxiety of the future and step into your moment of life NOW.


I hope you can ‘find the time’ to join us!  😉

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New Healing Available – The God Code

As my intuitive abilities continue to grow and develop over my lifetime, I have seen and been present for many miracles as a healer.  I am always amazed at the growth in those I work with and the wonders that God shows me as I continue to develop my abilities as a guide and healer.

It took a while before I could hold myself in the position of “witness” as new things and deeper levels of healing were shown to me and I began to work in these new levels.

I was amazed as I began to see, recognize and work on the subatomic particle levels of healing.  I began by seeing this in my own body and then I became able to tap into that level with others. I learned how to witness many alignments and healings of the body and being, and many of my courses and work has been done on this subatomic particle level for a long time now.

Last year, I began to be shown work in the master Pineal gland and the blueprint of all we are.  I was shown the master cell, then I was taken into the master nucleus to begin work on clearing and awakening this powerful area that will allow the pineal to begin to shift and open to the infinite divine energy, even to the point of developing to support you and your body with divine nectar.  It has been an amazing journey as I have witnessed much clearing and activation on this level with many of my clients.  I have included this powerful healing in the Seven Seals and have offered it when directed by God while working individually with clients.

More recently,  God Creator of All  took me even deeper – something I did not think was even possible until I was shown what was behind the master nucleus. I was shown the GOD Code.

To find this Code, I go into the master nucleus located in the pineal gland in the master blueprint of all you are, into the master cell, then into the master nucleus. Then I look at the programing in the master nucleus, then look behind that programming at the energy behind the programming,  then beyond that energy to see the God Code programming behind it all.  Wow, now that’s a deep experience!

The appearance of this God Code was not of an earthly program.  It was filled with enormous energy and light. As I sat quietly working to remain focused and awake, I felt the vibrations moving throughout my body and being.

Then God shared with me, “This is the God Code. It is within all things.”

I realized that the God coding is very different from how and who we think we are.  Just by seeing it I felt deep changes in my lower programming begin to shift in a huge way. I felt and experienced the God Code overwriting the lower codes of all I am to bring me into alignment to the God Code within me.  This is the perfected code of our truth. We all have it. It has always been within you.

We have our own ideal of who we think we are. What we are, who we are all based on our mortal human physical expression of our ideals of all of our received realities.  The God Code is beyond all the programming of what we think vs. what God’s Truth of us is, which is very different from our truths about ourselves! This is the essence of what each individual God Code is.  It is God’s truth of who and what you are in the fullness of truth. Your God level of truth!

So, where is all this going you may ask? Would you like to experience the God Code for yourself? Where would you like to see your earthly programming change into the God Code programs in your life? Health, wealth, relationships, intimacy, connection to Divine, expansion, or any other area you wish to see deep change?  Where would you like to see Your God Code overwrite you lower program coding?

For a limited time, I am offering three half-hour private sessions dedicated to any one topic of your desire, for $150 to help activate your God Code on any singular area of change you desire. That is only $50 for each ½ private Session (Regular price is $87 per session, for a total of $261.)

These are deep, private sessions and I can only get to your God Code and witness as much change as you allow me to witness.  This will not happen in one 1/2 hour session, it takes a minimum of three and of course you can continue to deepen your alignment to your God  Code with as many future sessions as you like.

Schedule your session here.


Question of the Month

“How do you have any opinions if you have no judgement and are in complete detachment and acceptance? Wouldn’t you lose all of who you are? I am not sure I wish to be someone with no opinion or thoughts.”

You gain more of who you are in a more fullness of truth – Truth of you in expanded existence.

Let’s look at that energy.  All judgement creates an energy of justifying. It is part of entanglement and contraction.  That judgement makes you feel like you must defend your position and feelings. You get caught up in all the right/wrong energies and feelings. (Duality)  The defense is your safety mechanism of the brain that creates NO CHANGE.  And No Change keeps you right where you have always been, stuck in entanglement. It is a seemingly endless loop.

Many times when one becomes stuck in this looped thinking/energy, several life events or life energies of events will repeat over and over again.  Situations occur that may be similar with different people or family members, but they cause the same energies over and over again.  Hurt, pain, suffering, sabotage……. and more. The events themselves may have variations but the outcome is the same. A break up or pain in a relationship, financial issues or health issues are just a few examples and one commonly has the feeling that this is a negative pattern in their life that they have no control over and it will never change.

It is the energy behind that judgement and the justification of your position that is the control energy that I speak of often, and what keeps you locked in that negative pattern.  Control is always a contracted state of thought, feeling and being.  When you are functioning in this you are no longer malleable. You easily go into the feelings of defense of your thoughts, feelings and emotions, as you justify why you feel the way you do or why your reactions are the way they are.

This state of being is the most un-safe place to be! The reason why is because any event or statement by anyone can disrupt your peace, joy, and calm. You are completely open to being put in a place of upset. Then you go into a state of defense and reaction; justifying why you are upset, justifying why your reaction is valid, why they are wrong and you are right.  It does not matter if you speak these justifications out loud or if it is all internal mind chatter and feelings of upset.

This is why I advocate expansion beyond all of this.  The continual potential of upset is a constant. It requires a ton of energy to maintain, and that makes less energy available to be in a state of joy and happiness. Upset also creates lots of busy energy that becomes very chaotic at times, creating a stirred and unsettled state in the emotional body.

When you reach the truth that detachment and acceptance bring,  you will realize how much energy you have spent keeping all those checks and balances and the barriers to ‘keep yourself safe’.  Imagine utilizing that energy in new creative adventures! How liberating!

You change from your ‘opinions’ being based in any form of judgement/justification to one of choiceAll becomes choice. You choose something because it works for you and if it does not work for you, you choose something else. Simple. No need to validate any position to another.  No need to justify or defend. There is no control energy attached. It simply works for you or it is a choice that expands your experience of life.

Regarding having no thoughts or opinions if you detachScreen Shot 2017-03-01 at 8.37.12 AM
emotionally:  A silent, detached mind is not a mind that doesn’t think.  Your mind still works, it has just silenced all the internal chatter. (In fact it is working at a much higher level than when it is in a state of justifying and defending one’s opinions.)  You look at an object and have knowing without the need to name it in your mind.  This frees much of your mind to remain in a relaxed state. Your understanding and thoughts become much quicker and clearer, than internal chatter thinking.  You begin to live in the energy of knowing/being.  It is not a place of thinking your way through things or figuring everything out. You just “Know” and “Be”.  You have mastered your ego brain.  That is what is meant when I speak of the silent mind or the space of no thought.  Things become much easier because you cannot ‘think’ your way to change.  You must let go and allow yourself to shift into something different.  The different place you are seeking is that space of simply knowing/being, and you can not think your way there. It can’t be learned.

For example, when you think of a friend and they text or call. Or the phone rings and you know who it is before looking.  That is the knowing I am referring to.  You cannot ‘think’ your way there.

In a fullness of detachment and acceptance you begin to see beyond. You begin to see the patterns of energy, thoughts, control of others. But you see that’s where they are. And it’s all ok.  It does not disrupt your own happiness, joy or peace and you no longer become triggered into reaction. Peace will be your constant companion. The constant varying levels of any form of upset, unsettled feelings, energies and thoughts are no longer there.

Not everyone is ready. That’s ok too.