Living in Joy


We have all heard that happiness is a choice. It seems hard to choose “happiness” here on earth a lot of the time.

With jobs, family, responsibilities and everything that comes with it we often forget to choose happiness.

Many times we place happiness in the category of we will be happy later. After the perfect car, better relationship,

new house, job, bills and so on. Many want to want to wait for happiness until things are perfect.

In truth, happiness and joy do not work like that. Joy is a specific vibration. Happiness is a specific

vibration too, slightly different than joy, although related. We can experience these things physically.

How do we allow? How do we experience these things in a consistent way?

It has to do with several things. One is your thought patterns. What are you thinking about on a

consistent basis? Are they negative/frustrating thoughts? Are they thoughts about how everything is not

right yet? Is your mind settling on some form of wrongness in your eyes and in your life? Does your mind

constantly cycle through the list of all the “not yets” in your life?

Let’s take a look at what this is actually doing to your body and life.

It has been my experience that what you focus on is what you are creating in your life and body. Energy

gathers energy. When we get stuck in certain patterns of thought- especially negative thought, it creates

more of that. It can affect the way your loved ones connect to you. It actually effects your total reality!

Your total reality is your complete perspective and how you interact with everything and every one and

how everything and every one interacts back with you! So if your perspective is being mucked up with

constant negative thought patterns- ……. What is that doing?

Yes! Not fun, is it!

One of the things that this creates, as well as more of the things you don’t want and a total lock out of joy, is


Contraction is also a non-allowing state of being. You can even contract down so tightly that your

chakras start to shut down. Time itself tightens and contracts around you.

Have you ever experienced moments in your life where you are working as hard and as fast as you can, but

nothing is actually getting completed? That is a contraction of time.

Another non allowance is our bodies not allowing nor being able to hold onto the higher vibrations of joy. We

are bombarded with toxins, free radicals, molds, viruses and all kinds of things that create illness, and

lower emotional states that bring us into the inability to hold onto joy. I believe that constant lower

thought patterns play a part on our susceptibility to these things, too.

We now have a new page on our website untiled “Nutritional Support”  

It is important to gently cleanse the toxins out and give your body the nutritional assistance it needs to heal, and be healthy.  The products

we are recommending will do just this though food based nutrition.  We have found it to help us hold more light within

our bodies.  This really helps with holding onto joy in our bodies!

So what can we do to change this?

The first step is to start practicing expansion! Expanding out is key to all change! You cannot expect

change unless you do something different than what you have been doing.

The key to expanding is going out far enough to quiet your mind. Here at Ascend-Now we use the tool

Universal Meditation. This is a fantastic tool given to me by Lord Medatron. He took me to the center

of my universe and showed me how to expand into that space. It has made a huge difference for me

and my journey and I’m sure it will for you too. Here is a link to download my guided Universal Meditation. 

This expanded state will become easier to hold, once you have practiced it for a time. It will assist you in

all areas of your life. Once you are expanded out, ask to be cleared of all blocks from joy.

This simple exercise does not need to take long. Once you have the hang of getting into this space, it

will only take a moment to tap into it again and again. Again, the goal here is to expand out far enough

so that your mind becomes silent. This gives you the mental space to change the old negative patterns

into more positive ones.

To further help you on your journey, I have created a short workshop called Euphoria- The Embodiment

of Joy.

The next offering of this workshop is Nov 9, 2019 from 9am to noon EST. Here is where you can find

more info in that.

Euphoria- Embodiment of Joy

Continue forward into clarity my friends!

Kristylea- Founder