Hello everyone!
I’m taking a moment to reach out to all of you today. I know that many of you are feeling the stress of the lock down at this time. There is a huge amount of fear and frenzied energy at this time all around the world. A lot of anger too.
Please take time each day to expand out and just breathe. It is imperative that you do. It is time to disconnect from lower vibrational reality’s my friends. Expanding is a key in being able to do this.
In the reality of energy, going into the lower emotional states is very contracting. It makes you energetically smaller and less able to remain aware, clear and contraction can affect your immune system in negative ways.
Fear, stress, irritation, anxiety and so on down the list, promote the physical body to become more acidic. The body in this acidic state has a weaker immune system were illness is more possible. The other side of the coin is to remain expanded, relaxed and in your light can create an alkaline system that illness and disease cannot flourish within.
I wish you all peace to be with you all during this time. Please know you can hold your light and feel and be at peace, even during all this.
As difficult as it may seem, stay expanded in your light. Please use Universal Meditation I guide and go into and stay in your expanded universe. It is so very important right now to stay in your light space. Quiet your mind. Settle your hearts. It’s all going to be ok.
I have come across a YouTube video that I am going to share with you all. (Please listen to it several times!) It touched me and helped me realize that as I have practiced Universal Meditation daily…. And at times moment by moment as events have unfolded in my own life. I exist now in my light space. I am ‘’there’’ more than I am not.
To be there, is sacred. I find now that I long ago began to chant within myself ‘’Let there be light.” I find that saying this within allows my light to become brighter and more pronounced. Doing this does not allow for a lot of negative thought energy/ Negative emotions to get through or stick. What a blessing!
I feel that this is a sacred law. God said it. “Let there be light.” And there was light. We too can in instigate this into ourselves and our live. I encourage you to try this. Expand out and say this within. Watch your light grow in intensity and spread though out your body, auric, and universe.
Earth needs you to do this. Your family, friends, loved ones, need you to hold the light. Your city’s, county and states need this as well. Hold your light. Refuse to set into fear, contraction, grief, sorrow and all the frenzied energy. You are brave, you are strong and you are brighter than you think.
Allow yourself to relax and come into the sacred law- Let there be light. Hold your light! By doing this for yourself you are also doing this for humanity as a whole and assisting the transition into light.
Thank you. I love you all so very much! I am here if you need my assistance. – KristyLea Founder Ascend-Now.
We are from the future-Let there be light.
Download link- Universal Meditation