The Creation of Man by Michelangelo Sistine Chapel

The Creation of Man by Michelangelo –  Sistine Chapel


God Codes is an Ascend-Now signature process!

We have our own ideal of who we think we are. What we are, who we are, all based on our mortal human physical expression of our ideals of all of our perceived realities.  The God Code is beyond all the programming of what we think vs. what God’s Truth of us is, which is very different from our truths about ourselves! This is the essence of what each individual God Code is.  It is God’s truth of who and what you are in the fullness of truth. Your God level of truth! Your coding of your reality (and all that entails) begins to gently be overwritten with the coding and design of you, as God holds in his vibration.

Life get easier with God Codes!  They will run for about 3 days after session, unless you go into a big upset. That will stop the codes immediately.

Privately one session is $50.00

Available in group setting in combination with Seven Seals every Tuesday at 8PM EST for $35.00 each set.

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