Welcome to the new meditation center! Each of these symbols are Divine Light Codes. They have been charged with Light Code Transmissions to assist you in each of the areas that the symbols themselves stand for.  You can receive these transmissions as many times as you wish.  Each time you receive them the experience will deepen and expand this information and open your understanding of this experience more and more; aligning your perception with that of God, Creator of All. As you allow this, you will also become more aligned to the Christ Grid and open your body and being with this beautiful experience.

Our understanding of each topic, as mortal humans, is very limited. It is through receiving this each of these transmissions that your perception will change and come into alignment with the Divine perspective of each topic here.

It is with great joy and excitement that I share this great gift with all who wish to receive and expand.

Instructions for usage of this free meditation section.
  • Choose which Divine Light Code you wish to work with.
  • Click on the image and it will bring up a larger picture for you to focus on.
  • If you have our  “Universal Meditation” mp3 file, you can listen to it while focusing on Light Code.
  • Take a deep breath in and hold it at the top, release the breath, then hold the exhale at the bottom. Do this a minimum of three times up to ten, slowly,  while you relax and expand out.
  • Focus on the picture and allow the light code contained in the image to begin to enter and expand within your four body system (physical,mental,spiritual,and emotional bodies.) Keep in mind that your mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are bigger than your physical body and you need to allow this expansion to take place from your center and expand out from there, to your other bodies.
  • You will begin to feel these divine codes running like a download into your Being.  It may feel strange or disorienting (the “wonky” feeling) but just breathe, stay expanded and allow this divine energy to bless your Being.
  • Hold this as long as you please. Once you are finished you may wish to just relax and drink some water as things settle, or you may wish to take it a bit deeper.

Once you feel that the code is finished for this meditation and you wish to go a bit further, you may take a moment and while in your expanded state place your intention on Zero Point.  This is just under your heart chakra slightly to the right, under your breast.  This Zero Point is where you intake Divine energy and true alignment with your four body system.  Ask the Divine to bring you into Zero-Point, then relax and allow this to occur.

You may also wish to come into Center Sun.  This takes a bit of visualization.  While in meditation, visualize that you are in the center of our solar system’s sun.  The warmth and light will flow through you and bring divine warmth into all you do.  The Center Sun connects you more fully into the Christ Grid and assists you in your ascension process.

You are welcome to visit this as often as you like. Please do check back, more will be added soon.