Open Healings are FREE MONTHLY HEALINGS designed to facilitate change of your experience in life with joy and kindness. What could be better than that? All are welcome to join. A short topic will be included at the beginning of each Open Healing. This may be from a request that is used or an inspiration from God-Creator of all, or simply something KristyLea has been seeing with many of her clients. This is just a spoonful of what you can receive with Ascend-Now. With allowing time, KristyLea will offer healings on request and will answer any questions for you.

At the end of the call, KristyLea will offer a prayer to all those who emailed in a request to be put on the prayer list for healing, that could not attend live. If you would like to add someone to the next prayer list, please email KristyLea with the name. Please put ‘Prayer’ in the subject line, and include your contact email address.

Mark your calendar – All calls are on the 3rd Thursday of each month from 8:00-9:00 pm EST. Calls will last approximately one hour.

Open Healing 2020

April 16- Preparing for Galactic awareness.
May 21- Focus on heart, clearing the way into light.
June 18- Releasing sorrow, grief and moving forward.
July 16- Clearing karmic energies out of DNA programs.
August 20- Celestial life shift.
September 17- New waves, preparing for body shifts. (Shifting into more DNA!)
October 15- Physical vessel; strength in change.
November 12 (2nd Thursday)- Feeding on light.
December 17- Opening thoughts? Your choice of healing/questions.

 Email KristyLea with any additional healing requests at least 1 hour before call.    

  • To participate, please join my meeting from your computer, tablet or smartphone.
  • You can also dial in using your phone.
    United States +1 (872) 240-3212

    Access Code: 369-186-301

SPECIAL  Healings available to “Members Only”!

Ascend-Now also offers an Open Healing subscription service!  For only $6.00 a month, Open Healing “Members Only” members will receive added benefits to the free healings that everyone else receives monthly. All Members Only members each Open Healing recording every month so they can listen to the healing again and again for deeper healing, PLUS the opportunity to receive a second, deeper topic healing that is not open to the public. On the month you join us as a member, you will receive the current month’s recording and the previous month’s recording as part of your welcome package.

Benefits of being part an Open Healing Members Only member:

  • Private Member’s only Open Healings on the 1st Thurs. of every month with deeper topics and more time for questions and personal requests.
  • Recordings of all Member’s Only Healings AND our regular free public Open Healings.
  • 10% off ALL workshop fees.
  • Special healings and clearings according to what is happening energetically worldwide that may be causing disruption on a large scale.  Look for private email invite.
  • Occasional channeled information/messages as they come in.
  • PLUS the occasional free give away drawing for Ascend-Now products and teachings.

Email KristyLea  with any questions or visit here to sign up as a Members Only participant. Please be sure your Paypal email address is the address you would like Ascend-Now to use for your private invites. Visit this page for more information about Members Only.

To pay $6 per month subscription, JOIN HERE NOW!

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Open Healings are held through GoTo Meeting. You can call in or join online.

  1. KristyLea will be live video for all in attendance through internet.
  2. Those who come in online can also use the chat box with GoTo to type messages to her privately. She is happy to answer questions  or you can add your personal request for healing (as time allows.)
  3. Before coming in, be in a quiet, comfortable space.  Prepare to be relaxed and undisturbed for the hour call.
  4. You must mute your mic as you come in.  This allows the line to be quiet for everyone in attendance. This is in respect for this free work that is offered for all – everyone needs to be able to hear KristyLea.
  5. NO MULTI -TASKING. By joining in, you are asking for healing. Yet if you are multi-tasking you are not really allowing anything to shift nor are you fully present and preparing for this change.  This includes the time in the beginning of each call when KristyLea begins announcements.  At this point she will begin to connect to each of you and receive individual information with God and the Ascended Masters so that you each get what is needed for you! This also includes directly after the healing set has been given. Please remain relaxed and fully present for the remainder of the call.  This is in respect for what has been given to you by God! This is also in respect to yourself and all who are in attendance.  There may be questions asked that you could miss some important information or extra healing or clearing that could be very beneficial to you.
  6. If you have a question: There are times KristyLea will ask if anyone has questions.  Please feel that you can ask! Un-mute your mic and ask, then re-mute mic. Or if you are online, use the chat box. So ask away.  She loves to get questions or give more clarity if you feel you wish that.
  7. You can always ask a question before any call by email.


  • When you step into Being, it is beyond figuring it all out, beyond knowing. Being is a space where knowing ‘just is’ and life is filled with more joy that is felt deeper than simply emotion. We have all heard the phrase ‘To be or not to be, that is the question.” Is it still a question for you? Or have you made your decision to ‘Not To Be’ everyday with most situations?
  • If you are not sure, consider this: Do you feel that you are only existing in life, not really living it? Are you happy now? Do you feel that you will be happy when this or that happens or when you have this or that in life?Are there things that you wish to change but can’t seem to get them to budge?
  • We ask again. Are you ready to step into Being now? Come join us on this exciting Free Open Healing and take a deep breath and allow yourself into Being!


2020 Members Only Dates and Topics

April 2- 5D to new earth.
May 7- What to expect in coming months; Releasing of resistance and denial.
June 4- Rage, anger and resentment; DNA release into new physical form.
July 2- Dream state testing/ seeded Dream; resistance and fear release.
August 6- Opening to 5D experiences. ( Invitation into new you.)
September 3- Aligning you into new timeline; Easing of passage.
October 1- Celestial rooting.
November 5- Releasing of mind bending; illusion and lies releasing.
December 3- Recognizing new line awareness/self and celestial you. (Huge Soul alignment!)