Private Sessions


There is a lot of change possible for you, your body, mind and being. Even at the level of allowing your complete reality to shift in to something better. At Ascend-Now, our focus is on expanding, healing and guiding you to allow yourself, your reality, to receive the change you are seeking.  As our motto states, it is a time to sit back, relax and allow. This is in no means a completely passive way to shift your life, body, being and reality.  It is an act of releasing, letting go and surrendering to God-Creator of all, of all the things you have held onto for a very long time. Sometimes it feels next to impossible to even relax!

Many times we don’t know how to let go. For many reasons, our bodies have forgotten how to relax. We are beings that have brains and our brains process in a thinking way.  Letting go and letting God may sound easy. But you cannot think your way into change or expansion.

KristyLea is here to guide you gently into relaxing into the process. Holding you in light, helping you feel ‘stable’ as you relax and let go, is key. She gives comfort as you step onto this new path for you. Change does not have to be hard, as you have been taught! It can be gentle, simple, peaceful and as easy as breathing. Being guided through your process makes all the differents in the world!

Below you will find several different processes to choose from. Where would you like to start?

Private sessions:

This is a one on one private healing with you, KristyLea, The Ascended Masters, Your guides & angels, and God. Your session can be recorded and sent to you for further listening to get more out of your session.  Repeated listening will go deeper each time you listen, until there is no longer any heaviness left to clear.  You will know when you are there because it will no longer feel heavy or make you sleepy to listen to.

Session times available

30 min- $87.00 or

1 hour- $150.00

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