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Staying Expanded in the Face of Adversity

I cannot express enough to you how important and vital it is to stay expanded while in adversity.  I say this not only for you as an individual but for you as part of humanity as a whole.

It seems everywhere I turn or look I am seeing adversity. There are many arguments, many displeased people that are spanning our earth at this time.  It is not only here in the USA that I am witnessing such entangled emotions of duality in ideals, it is everywhere!

From an expanded point of view, it seems that all this upset and lowered emotional states of anxiety, stress, and nonacceptance, has become contagious and is spreading like a disease of darkness on the minds of many.  The result is anger.

So today I am asking you to sit back and take a look at your inner self. What has your inner dialog or chatter been saying?  What are your reactions to events?

When things do not go the way you wanted them to or someone does not have the same ideals as you,  what does your mind say? What do your emotions say?

Is the adversity around you creating negative emotional triggers within you?

Let’s look at what’s happening energetically when you are choosing the path of allowing emotional triggers to accrue.

First, emotional triggers begin looping thought chatter in your mind, which creates negative self-talk. Or you begin talking in your head badly about another person, place or event. This stirs up the lower emotions of upset, anxiety, fear and anger.   This also creates within you a negative thought loop that enforces negative energies. Not just within yourself, but in the vibrations that you send out.  It is how you connect to everyone, and all energies – by feeding into the power of duality!

When you feed into the power of duality, which includes anxiety, fear and anger, and all the lower emotions, it gets stronger within the self as well as all of humanity. It allows these things to grow. This is how it is affecting people all around the world.

This is HOW, anger begets anger, hatred begets hatred, sadness begets sadness, fear begets fear and so on down the road.

I know that this is not what you wish to contribute to! Not for yourself and not for earth as a whole.

So how do you break the cycle?

Expand out!

I know that’s not what you wanted to hear! lol (I hear all those inner groans!)

Sit quietly, while staying alert (don’t relax so much that you fall asleep.) Use Universal Meditation. It is a tool to begin to assist you in training your brain. Use it every time you meditate.It teaches you to focus on the heart chakra, which is the center of love; the point of Creation and God within you. Every time you focus on this light (the light of God’s love within you) and expand out into the universal, it strengthens this vibration in your body and being. Then you can expand this out into humanity.

Get expanded and hold it.  Allow your mind to become silent, completely silent. Just feel the vibration of love moving through you and out into your universe.  Feel it wave out in pulsations, in peaceful silence.

If your mind begins to wander, touch your heart chakra. Refocus and continue. The more often you do this and train yourself, the easier it will be to hold this space of expansion.

Begin taking responsibility for your reactions. All mental, emotional reactions are yours to see, recognize and change if you wish. This is a way of seeing how you are contracted or living in the ego self, or contracted states. If you feel yourself beginning to be triggered into reaction, literally STOP.  Stop and breathe.  Take a look at why you have gone into reaction.

Is the reaction you are feeling coming from judgment or are you feeling any justification along with your reaction? If it is, you are coming from control energy. This is the lower self or ego self.  Refuse to go there and breathe and expand out.

Is your reaction based on what others think is the right way to react? Again this is control energy and based on judgement (or justification of being right or wrong).  Judgment and justifications, even if it did not begin as your own, is still judgment and justification, so it is based in the ego self.  You have taken it on as truth for you.

The only real truth is love. Anything less, is based in non-truth.

Feel the light of love from your heart chakra and allow it to dissipate all of this energy. Feel it dissolve from your body and being. Center in this love and continue forward.

I know it takes time to learn how to do this consistently.  I assure you it is worth every second.  Once you expand out beyond any triggers or reactions, you can hold more powerful states of love and acceptance.  You become more connected to the power of the Christ grid around our earth. You begin to feed more energy into this powerful gift that God–Creator of All gave to us though his Son, making it stronger and even more powerful.

The time it takes and the dedication will be worth every second of concentrated focus it takes to let go and expand out!  It is part of the process of letting go and letting God. The difficult part is letting go of your control.


Unexpected Shifts

I have been getting lots of emails from several people asking about feeling tired and disconnected in ways that is making it difficult to move forward in life.  I just want you all to know that earth is being hit with higher celestial vibrations. It is creating unexpected shifts within you.  Also all guidance I provide will begin to shift you in ways you may not be expecting.

Many times it begins what I have been shown as a 3rd eye transition.  This is when your 3rd eye closes for a short time while it transitions into a new level of intuition or intuitive abilities begin to awaken to new more powerful states allowing deeper understanding and more expanded states.  When this occurs, you have not lost any of your abilities. It is only a temporary lull as things are awakened on new levels. It usually only lasts for a few days or so. The longest I have personally experienced was about two weeks, and that was a major shift for me.

If you have been consciously working on expanding yourself, you may become more sensitive to these changes.  Don’t panic. It is just a adjustment time.  Your 3rd eye will not remain this way, it will open up and you will ‘see more’.

It may be that once you open back up you will have another adjustment time where you need to semi re-learn how to use these new found or increased abilities. This is not because you forgot. It is because it will no longer ‘feel the same’.  It will feel different, and that’s ok.  It is just the next step in the development of your abilities.

I encourage you to sit in meditation, and just feel it out.  Go beyond all thought or inner chatter and just feel it.  I say this because I want you to look at is as a newness and not keep trying to use or ‘see’ it, in the way it felt before the expanded and transition took place.  It is very important to take the time to take this step.  You want to feel the way it feels now, after the transitional point, so that you can accept and receive the gift as it is now. This will speed up the process and propel you forward in your abilities.

God and the Universe is watching. If you are allowing and become excited, you will move forward more quickly on your path.  Always an exciting time!

Question of the Month

KristyLea, you talk about expanding out and letting go of all triggers and reactions. How do we live with no reactions? What does that look like?  I can’t imagine life in this way. Could you explain further please?

First of all, please understand that going into this expanded state is a process.  For me, it is not often that I become triggered.  Every now and then I might try, lol, but most the time I can no longer connect emotionally to lower, damaging emotions.  My every day state of being is peaceful and connected to All. There is a oneness that is present at all times.  I usually feel very happy and joyful.  More and more often I feel a bliss in my body. It is a physical presence and vibration within my cells. Feeling bliss within the body can be difficult to describe, but if you imagine your physical cells giggling, that is close to what it feels like. The feeling of bliss goes many times, beyond my body. I have begun to feel this in my emotional and mental bodied and it connects to my very soul, creating with it a more perfect clarity and understanding. I truly look forward to when I can hold and maintain this form of bliss all the time, as the insights I receive while in this state are profound and life changing. To me, it is the alignment to my Design, Design being beyond purpose.

I feel and experience profound love.  I feel this for everyone I see, talk to and come across. I feel this for many I have never met or consciously know, or have seen. I feel love for myself as well.

My mind is quiet for more and more of the time. This is very peaceful but it takes some time to adjust to. It feels very different to be in a space of silence within the self.  This is the space where I hear the love of God the most clearly.  I love this space!

I do see how people live in control energy, though the lower self or ego self.  I recognize it, but it no longer affects me. (Most of the time) They are creating what they are creating. They are where they are. I no longer buy into their reality for the most part, yet I still see it and understand it is their reality.

As a guide, I am there to guide others into a new space. It is a big process for everyone, myself included.  I however cannot nor would I force any change on anyone.  It is up to you to allow the light of Creator to shift you, from within You. This is how your process becomes perfected for you.

You are in charge of how that happens and how much you allow to shift in one moment to the next. It is between you and God. I am just the Guide.  I guide you in what I’m shown. I see and recognize the vibrations and energies, I’m shown the blocks. It is up to you to let go and allow the light of God come thought you and shift you into a new space.

Your path is just that. Your path.  You may not experience the things in the same way as I or any other person. That’s beautiful. That is SO BEAUTIFUL! You are each so beautiful.

Whether you are expanding into your life purpose or you wish to come into the fullness of your own Design, it is still your process.  I can guide you, but it is you who must walk it your path of process.  I cannot fix you. (And by the way, you don’t need to be fixed!)  You only need to let go of your contracted self and expand into what you desire.  This is your life, and you can choose to co-create with God and allow the Great One to more fully express his love through you in any way you like. This is what your expanded state is, in truth. The fullness of your Design.

Not everyone is ready to let go and let go to the extent of your design.  It’s ok. However far you wish to go, it is all good. Each step into expansion you make creates a miracle. God rejoices at all your steps!

What living beyond triggers and reaction feels like for you will be different than for any other being created. All I can say is that for me it is incredible, peaceful,  and loving and I want more for myself and for all people to experience more of it as well, to any and all levels of clarity and expansion.

Your path is beautiful- walk it.

I love you all.



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