Digital Downloads For Purchase

Welcome to our products purchase page where recorded monthly Open Healings and Special Healing mp3 files are available for purchase.

Please listen to the “What’s Your Part” audio file on this page before purchasing products. Each product also has a helpful “About” audio file that we suggest you listen to for further information about the recorded healing.

Remember, the more you listen, the deeper any healing you purchase.

Once you complete your order, an email will be sent to you with a download link for your purchase(s). Please contact us with any questions or problems you encounter. Blessings on your journey!

What’s Your Part – please listen

Testimony from a client:

“Hearing your voice more clearly, the tone, inflections, mesmerized, feeling my body doing things. Usually I stay awake so I can feel the tingling/releases….not that I keep up w/the process, just cool to feel. I am trying to find/listen for the words to describe…….ok, being in the center of my universe and being touched by every living particle moved around me and thru me, held so gently, NO fear of releasing …. SAFE in letting go…allowing!”