Save The Date!

We have a special offering coming up on December 10. KristyLea will host a live class and Open Healing in Winston-Salem! Stay tuned to our website and Facebook for more details on how to register.

Class Updates: We are currently finishing up our last round of classes for 2016. We will break for the holidays in November and December except for Seven Seals, every Tuesday night at 8:00 p.m. Our class schedule for 2017 will be posted soon. New rounds of classes start Jan. 9, 2017.

Open Healing:

Thursday, November 17 – 8:00- 9:00 p.m. EST. The topic is “”Detachment and Acceptance.” If you have not given yourself the gift of a free Open Healing yet, now is the time. All are welcome, so please invite a friend to join you on the call.Call 712-832-8310, Code# 423-2957. See article on page 2 for topic details.

Got a Question?

Email us anytime at question may spark an Open Healing topic or a new Taster! And always feel free to ask questions before class or Open Healing. Your inquiry often helps someone else, as well as yourself.

Word of the Month: Yoke of Labors

This is located in the inner core. We are all born with this. (“You will labor all the days of your life.”) The Yoke of Labors, combined with the Seat of Control, is where all entanglements begin. Once the entanglements are cleared, you will have clarity, truth, and light, and be connected to the Divine. (as a side note, our Seven Seals class is the number one fastest way to clear your Inner Core….)

Election Day:

I hope you will join me in conscious prayer on Nov. 8 for the highest and best outcome for All, as our country faces a great time of chaos and challenge this election year. Love conquers all.


A note from KristyLea

It’s the month for Thanksgiving!

I just want to thank everyone for the overwhelming positive reaction to the new video released on YouTube “Let There Be Peace.” For me it has been such a huge blessing to receive this from the Angel of Peace. I am still feeling it shift me in to deeper resonance of a peaceful state. This blessing has allowed me to step back and look at a family dynamic that was not in a peaceful state and come into a more alignment thought peace in my own family dynamics.

And thank you to all who took the time to receive this great blessing, and a very special thank you to all who shared it with others.  You are all a true healing to Mother Earth. Thank You!

During this upcoming Christmas holiday, I felt the need to offer a live class to share a special gift from Mother Mary. I am offering this on December 10th in Winston-Salem and I hope you can join me. You may wish to bring a blanket and pillow so that you can lie down comfortably, while you relax and allow this

special blessing and healing to occur.

Mother Mary came to me and asked me to co-create a course that includes a special sacred seal to be gifted and opened for you, by her, with me as a witness. She told me that this seal would assist you in allowing her loving support and guidance, as you come into your individual Christ -like state. This seal is different from the Seven Seals of Ascension, yet it will assist in this process, as well.

Here is the message I received from Holy Mother Mary regarding this course:

Dear Children of Earth,

You have found this blessed new modality to bring you into your truth! How excited we all are that you have found this guidance. How pleased I am that you are interested in your expansion and growth into your Divine states. You are all Divine and have this sleeping within you. It is my desire to assist all to come into their awakening. My love for you is great and I will endeavor to assist you on this journey of healing and awakening.

This journey may at times be a difficult one, releasing those things that block you from seeing, knowing and awakening all that you are. I am here, and within my own Divine state, I will assist you with love and kindness. For you are all the blessed children of God.


Stay tuned to your email and our Facebook for details on how to participate in this unique class. And please invite others to join you, it is a gift for all.

With great joy and kindness,

KristyLea Neville

Founder, Master-Guide

 Q and A


You have so much to offer, yet I can’t seem to find time to do even some of the free mp3s and healings. Do you have any advice for me?”

It seems you may be caught up in chaos energy. When chaos is triggered within you, it strengthens the Yoke of Labor, making everything more difficult and causing more struggle with everyday things.

With all that is happening on earth at this time, and yes, there is a lot occurring, it is important to decide if you are happy with the way things are for you right now, or if you want change. If you are not happy, then it is a matter of allowing; moving your perception of “I don’t have time for this” to, “I am important too, and I can allow myself time to improve and clear my own energy. “

I think that if you do choose to give yourself permission to allow healing and clearing, soon enough, your “free time” will smooth out considerably, as the energies within and around you calm.

If you think back to a time when everything just fell seamlessly into place with very little effort, a day when when you said the right thing at the perfect time, you hit all green lights and found the closest parking space – just your day whole day falling into place with grace and ease.  It is through allowing the shifts to clear you that you will begin to have more and more of days like that. Is this what you desire?

Changing the energy within allows everything around you to shift into a space of ease. Becoming expanded and clear changes the way you relate to everything and the way everything relates to you. It cannot help but become better!

Another way to look at this is if you are taking a few minutes to insure your ‘cup is full’ will that make things easier or more difficult for you?  Something to think about.

As a guide, I can shed light on a path to walk and I can walk with you down the path, but it is still you who must decide to take the steps to get you there. I cannot do it for you, I can only guide you to seeing the fullness of all you are. It is you who must look, and it is you who must decide to take the time for yourself to make the changes you desire in your life.


Detachment and Acceptance

Now more than ever we need to learn how to become detached and accepting.  To become detached to outcome, to judgment and justification means you no longer feel the need to take part in any dualities. It means you come into an accepting state – a space of true freedom.

It is a form of imprisonment when you have attachment to dualities. Let me explain on a deeper level.

Duality is when you feel the need to justify any position. You are defending where/how you feel you are right and they are wrong or things are good vs bad. It is remaining in a space of tug of war with the self and everyone around you. It is living based in control energy.

Letting go of this brings you into a space of true relaxed self and everyone around you. You do not go into judgment or justification of anything. Everything simply becomes an interesting point of view. Nothing or no one has the power over you to upset you or stir you in a negative way any longer.

Detachment and acceptance is true freedom – it is the ability to remain happy and at peace with all and hold that peace at all times. It is a difficult thing to achieve at times, as our nature as mortal humans is to hold onto our perceived perceptions of ourselves and everyone around us. It may be difficult to let go of, but once it is achieved, you will look back in wonder and think “How did I ever live that way?”

Another thing I realized as I came into detachment and acceptance, is that I really began to notice how others connected through their entanglements. It took an adjustment period during this time as I began to shift out of connecting that way. All relationships began to shift into a different way of connection. As a result, they smoothed out considerably.

With the holidays coming up and all the stress that they carry, I thought it would be nice to work with you all to come into detachment and acceptance so that your holidays can be enjoyed without buying into all the drama.  Whew! Holidays without drama! Now that’s true freedom for sure!

Be sure to join us for Open Healing on November 17 at 8 p.m. EST, where we will shift this energy into its proper place.


The Four Light Matrices of Joy:

Joy, Happiness, Humor, Laughter

It is important to take a few minutes each day to focus on these simple things: joy, happiness, humor and laughter. For living in joy is a great gift from God-Creator. One of our main purposes in life is to learn to live in joy! Yet many do not know how to allow themselves to step into a life of joy.  Our lives become complicated with our loved ones, family, friends, coworkers, and a multitude of responsibilities. Please remember, you are allowed to have joy, you are allowed to make choices based on how much joy it can bring you!

This month, let’s give  ourselves permission to choose this in our day to day life. Oooh, there are those two words…..Choice and Permission (in the SAME SENTENCE, no less!) Yes, I got ya!  As a guide, I see how many times choice is put off, like a choice to Not Choose.  There is an odd perception happening on earth at this time and that is the choice to not choose.

Choice has somehow become a thing between the lesser of two evils. It is still just a perception. It is all just energy. What if you allowed your perceptions of choice to change? What if you allowed the perception of  choice to become something that will expand your life? That is something to think about.

To help you naturally come into a state of perceived joy and activate your joy light matrix, I have an assignment for you.  Draw this light code symbol for Joy out every day for the next 30 days.










Before you begin, ask God-Creator and the angels around you to activate your Joy Light matrix and assist you to come into this space.

Draw it slowly. Keep your mind clear and allow the symbol to resonate within you. You can try different colors, see which one feels right to you.  It should only take a few short minutes. It is ok if your symbol is not perfect. Keep working on it, allow the vibration to fill your being.

Once you have finished, sit in quietness for a minute then go on about your day. You can draw it once or several times in each sitting. Do what feels right for you.

Drawing these divine light codes is great, because this puts you directly into the energy of them. Please remember that we have several other Divine light codes located on Ascend-Now website under free meditations. Feel free to draw any of them.