Seven Seals of Ascension is an Ascend-Now signature healing!

The Seven Seals of Ascension is a process that expands you out beyond the ego –lower self, to more clarity, joy and expansion. This is a committed and fully conscious guided pathway to clear all outer core entanglements, 3D thought processes and limitations to all that you desire. You will come into a space of clarity and fullness of awareness as you expand with the Seals.  The light of your inner core will begin to increase as you become clear and allowing of God to more fully expresses his light through you.

As you come into deeper and deeper clarity, you begin to see how you are using negative energies, thoughts and control in your life, mind and being.  You will recognize how you have been creating limitations and difficulties in your life. The Seals assist you by pushing against your ‘issues’ so that they can be recognized and cleared by your choice and you allow yourself to ‘let go’ and expand beyond the limitations that you discover within you. This at times may be an intense feeling. Irritation/upset will arise as you begin to recognize these things.  This is the signal to you that you are being shown a contracted-limiting view.  The irritation- frustration and upset will increase slowly until you let go and allow yourself to expand out and become clear of this energy.

Your brain will at times fight this process.  Even once you are clear you may have the experience of looking at a situation that may have been a trigger for you in the past. Your mind will turn and turn it in your thinking-thoughts, trying to connect you back into the upset or contracted state, but you will have moved beyond this point and cannot fully connect to the energy or emotion of it like you once did. This too may cause you some upset or frustration.  You will be guided to expand out once again soothing and clearing the echoes of how you used to be. (You have healed an area of contraction and now expanded beyond it!)  Yay lets celebrate these moments!

Yes, these moments do feel strange.  It will take some time for you to get used to the new expanded states you will experience.  You have been asking for change and this is how it happens and feels to receive.

There will also be times as you gain more clarity that you begin to see the way others are using control, contraction, manipulation and limitation.  Very irritating! It is key that you are in the process of letting go of all judgement and coming into levels of detachment and acceptance.  This is a state of allowing others to be where they are without attaching any wrongness to them or the situation. This will be covered in your Private Focused Healings.


The seals themselves are seen as golden disks that are brought into your space by God, Creator of all, and they are designed to begin expanding you. As this occurs they do tend to push up against your contracted states.  These are the areas that you are solidified in limiting belief systems and programs of limitation, control and judgements.  These areas are also deeply rooted in the dualities of the earth plane.

You will be receiving all seven seals at the same time, they open and unfold in cycles.  Each of the seals will guide you on your individual path and open as you clear and expand. The seals also include Divine Light Code Transmissions (or downloads) that are individualized and personalized for each person attending.


PLEASE NOTE: This class is an intense class. Each seal will bring up all the ways you are blocking yourself – meaning – it will bring up “your stuff!” The laws of the universe will assist you with this process, fear not, and you will be surrounded by Angel Guides as well as Ascended Masters during each set you receive.  Each time you repeat the process, these angels and guides will be there again to assist you with whatever you need. As the seals begin to expand, your individual energies and negative blocks will come up to be cleared.  This may not always be an easy journey.  Keep notes of things you feel are stuck or solidified in ways you don’t know how to let go.  They will be addressed in your personal focused healing sessions.

The Seven Seal energy is immense to witness and this time is dedicated to witnessing your receiving of the seals and/or expansion of seals or accompanying Light Code Transmissions. Guidance for the group in attendance and I may not have time to personally see to each person in attendance for personal healing. These issues will be addressed in your focused healing sessions or you may wish to consider making a onetime personal open appointment with me if you feel really upset or stirred up in a way that you cannot let go or expand beyond. The Seals is very intentional in nature and gets right to the goal of clearing all entanglements down to the two places within your inner core so you can begin integration with your highest, most divine self and come into full awareness, expansion, light and connection with God-Creator.

Each of the seals take place around each of your seven main chakras.  The clearings and expansion include many mind sets, thoughts, beliefs, limitations and contraction of energy, knowing, and being that correspond with each chakra. Connections from chakra to chakra begin to form more clearly. Clearing and healing take place with each seal, releasing you from contracted states on many levels of each seal.

To give you an idea what the seals cover, here is a short description of general expansion with Seals in correspondence to the chakras what will begin to be cleared, aligned to the divine self and expanded.

Seal 1– Base chakra; Survival / Grounding / Stability

Gravitation drawing into a point, trust, survival, self-preservation, root support, desire to be in the physical world, Suprarenal glands, prostate, Kidneys, bladder, spine, overly possessive, fearful parent,  homeless, ungrounded, victim.

Seal 2- Sacral Chakra; Relationships / Sexuality / Empathy
Pleasure / Well-being, connection, delight, emotions, feelings, polarity, change
Gonads and reproductive organs, legs, manipulative, controlling, lustful, addictive, co-dependent, martyr, submissive, doesn’t feel anything, shut down.

Seal 3– Solar Plexus Chakra; Will / Power / Joy / Motivation
Self-esteem transformation, identification / mastery, will over your own light, power in relationship with others, vitality, energy, standing steady in your own self, desire to express individuality. Pancreas, stomach, liver, gall-bladder, egotistical, self-absorbed; ambitious self-driven warrior, desire to take control, poor self-worth; sensitive servant; feels disliked; martyr; needing to “do” all the time.

Seal 4- Heart Chakra; Compassion / Love / Open-hearted
Desire for self-acceptance, balance emotions, harmony, place of integration, Thymus, heart, liver, lungs, and blood circulation. Inappropriate emotional expression; poor emotional boundaries, ruthless, no heart, can’t feel emotions.

Seal 5- Throat Chakra; Communication / Creativity Sound / Intuition / Synthesis
Self-expression / Desire to speak and hear the truth. Thyroid gland, throat, upper lungs, arms, digestive track. Willful, controlling, judgmental, hurtful speech, lacking faith, unable to creatively express, silent child.

Seal 6- 3rd Eye chakra; Knowingness / Intuition / Perception
Self-Mastery, wisdom, imagination. Pituitary gland, spine, lower brain, left eye, nose and the ears. Overly intellectual; overly analytical, unclear thought; deluded.

Seal 6 will assist you in gaining your intuitive abilities. You will experience many transitions in the 3rd eye bringing you to what is known as the Goddess eye. Or the eye of Shiva, also known as the singular eye spoken about in the Bible.

Seal 7– Crown Chakra; Shiva/ Consciousness, Awakening the ‘I AM’
Intelligence / Bliss of Divine Wisdom. Pineal gland. Upper brain and right eye. Ego maniac locked into the lower self or ego self. No spiritual inspiration/aspiration.

The seventh seal has 4+1* main sections and once those are fully expanded and you are clear, the 5th master section begins to open and you begin the process of exiting what is called ‘the ring pass not.’ Coming into your ascended/transcended state. The divine nectar will begin to flow.

*It is complicated to explain in spoken words what I see with the 7Th seal.  It clearly has 4 main sections. It is not until they are fully clear and expanded that I began to see the 5th section and was told it is the seal of mastery.  Once this one is completely cleared in the crowns above your heads, you come into ascended state, the divine nectar flows fully and you gain full mastery of self. As this clears and opens, you begin to exit the ‘ring pass not.’

**The ‘ring pass not’ takes you beyond all dualities and temptations. You become your purified state. This essentially locks away the Devil or Lucifer from you and your work, not only for a thousand years, but for eternity. It also releases you from the cycles of reincarnation.

A lot happens wile in the seals and this process. It is impossible to explain all that I see and experience as the Guide and witness. This path is as individual as you are. You will receive a personal guide assigned to you that is knowing of the seals and how they work. They will watch over you and assist you though out this process.

The process is complicated and at times a difficult path.  The difficulty is due to your resistance to the expansion.  If fear, panic, anxiety, come up, it is time to let go and expand out.  It is the logical physical brain resisting coming into the expanded clear states. You as a being, are more than your body.  As your guide, I am here to assist you. I have been though the process myself and continue on my own journey as well.  I understand where you are and what you are experiencing.

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