Channeled by Founder Kristylea

I am honored to be speaking to all the mortals of earth plane! When KristyLea asked me to share with her what we as ‘cooling angels’ do and what we are about, I smiled. It is not often that we find one with the ability to channel out words so clearly.

I am Joshua, an Arch Angel that has been called to the position of ‘Cooling Angel.’ This is both a calling from God Creator and an ability that we, as cooling angels, possess.

We have the ability to manipulate temperature in many ways. We can assist with the weather of earth. Not just in cooling but in warming as well, when needed. We each also have other healing abilities. There are in fact, many of us called to this position. We work on your earth plane as well as many earths, times and demotions as God sends us to do our work.

Having this ability and manipulating the temperature can assist in healing many things when working with a mortal being. In the case of injury, cooling the area will assist by slowing down the swelling and may speed up the process of healing. In the case of being in danger of exposure, calling us in to warm will warm your body temperature and quite possibly preserve your life force.

What we do, is many things. (Chuckles)

One of our responsibilities is to keep watch on your weather. (This is one of my personal positons.) The systems of earth are a delicate balance. Earth at this time, is the danger of becoming further out of this balance, due to the negativity that humans have been taking on in their bodies and emotions and this is causing earths systems to become out of balance. We are working to help keep this balance to preserve life on earth.

You did not think that God sends angels to assist you with your weather? (Laughs)

So I bring you to this point.

Each of you have the responsibility to be wardens of the earth. You are to care for and help the earth to each of your abilitties. Mother Earth is your mortal home, yet we see such a raping of this beautiful creation. I implore you each to take notice of your own negativity and begin the process to come into a place of overcoming this lower self- you. It is in doing this and raising yourself to higher realms of emotions, thoughts, feelings and experience, that Earth will begin to once again settle and heal. The more of you who are willing to clear yourselves from the lower you, the more will follow suit and do the same.

KristyLea: The ‘lower you’ that you are speaking of, is this the entanglements that I have been shown?
Joshua: Yes child, they are indeed this entanglement that you see in others. It is them, as they live in the mortality of their negative self, or lower self, if you wish to see it as this. It should be the goal of each man, woman and child to work to transcend this position of the lower self. Do you understand child?
KristyLea: Yes, thank you. Please continue.

This is not about attacking those you feel are harming nature or the earth. This will not do much good for the earth in whole. This is compartmentalization that KristyLea speaks of throughout her website and healings. It is onlyas each of you go within yourselves and open your own consciousness and clear yourself of negativity to the point of raising yourselves above all of the ‘lower self’-thoughts, feelings, experiences of life, that will make the change for the good for all men and earth. The more of you as mortals that accomplish this, the more change for the better you will be witness to for the changes of Earth herself in whole.

I will explain in more depth of how this works.

When you are in the presence of one who is clear, you feel it. It is a tangible presence that you naturally sense. You may not know what it is or why it is, but you will feel it and experience being in that persons presence. You are naturally drawn to this because one who is clear and expanded has this effect on others they come into contact with. This happens because their light, their connection to their true self and their connection to God is clear and clean. They are not obstructed by the ‘entanglements’ or the lower self.

You should understand, they are not better than you, they are only clearer than you are, at this point in time. You ALL have this already within you. You all possess the spark of God Creator within you.

So I call out to you as an Angel, Come into your own light! Transcend your own negativity and step into your truth. This path will not only change yourself but all those around you. The bonus to this; is that earth will begin to change as a whole. People will come into more consciousness , awareness, expansion and natural kindness towards themselves and others. The mortals of earth will begin the process of discovering ways to advance in technology that will allow for continued growth, without the harming of your beautiful earth or each other. The storms will begin to settle, the chaos will fade away. There will be less and less crime and harmful acts upon one another.

I share these things with you with great love for you all.
Love one another! Reach for transcendence! It is with in each of you already.

KristyLea: I have agreed to channel for Joshua again in the future. He seemed very pleased about this and smiled nodding.
*Just a note of how I channel. I do not allow them to enter into my body. I simply can hear them speak to me and I write it as they give me the message. There are still many taboo thoughts about channeled information.

My experience with Joshua is a beautiful one. His energy is very gentle and kind. He laughed heartedly when I felt his presence as male. For some odd reason, when Lord Metatron spoke of cooling angels, I pictured them as always being female! Joshua found this very amusing and laughed for quite a while…..(and is laughing again now!)

When channeling I always check with God Creator to insure that this is indeed his wish and the message is one God would like upon this earth and its people.

With great joy and kindness,

If you are interested in assisting Mother Earth in a new way, please visit: Project Vibration Earth .