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Varicose and Spider Vein Healing

Varicose and spider Veins are generally caused by several factors. Damage to the lower blood vessels, age, hereditary are some of these.The result of all can cause some concern, and create a dislike of our bodies. I have addressed the main factors of this issue in this Ascend-Now QuickShifts healing. I wish you all a [...]

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Release Panic and Fear

If you have ever experienced a panic attack, you know that the energy can be quite intense. The newest QuickShifts on our YouTube channel assists in changing the energy that allows panic attacks to occur in the body. Included is a physical tension release, fight or flight release, resistance release and a vibration of peace, [...]

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Simply Love Video

The vibration of love is the most powerful of all vibrations. It has the power to diminish all other lower emotions' vibrations. The vibration of love can greatly assist with relationships, healing, and depression. Even stress and overwhelm are dissipated by this amazing energy.  Enjoy this new vibration of love QuickShift, just posted on YouTube, [...]

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Weight Loss Video on YouTube

Now on YouTube the second weight loss QuickShift video. This guided meditation runs a fat and cellulite dissipation wave and releases mind sets centered around food and your body. Woo hoo! This works great in combination with The Twelve Keys QuickShift to bring your body back into balance with your weight and heal from stress [...]

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Weight Loss Video

There are many hormones that regulate our weight and stress levels. There are so many combinations that are produced by our bodies, it's impossible to list them all! In this QuickShift video we address ten of the most common hormones, bringing them all into balance and healing the damage any imbalances have done to your [...]

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Universal Meditation Video

Expands and prepares you for change and allowance! This is our signature meditation that is universal and all allowing. It will relax and expand you and assist in preparing you to receive changing shifts. This 5-6 minute spoken word guided mediation will lead you into a peaceful, relaxed state of mind, helping you learn to master the practice [...]

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