2021 Full Schedule

2021 Full Schedule   Open Healing 2021 8pm EST Free Jan 21; A new Arising- Discovering your truth Feb 18; Alignment to new earth March 18; Polar shifts April 15; Neg polarity Release- peace and calm life May 20; United form June 17; Awakening abundance- Shifting it into reality July 15; Releasing slavery/imprisonment from all [...]

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Let there be light

Hello everyone! I’m taking a moment to reach out to all of you today. I know that many of you are feeling the stress of the lock down at this time. There is a huge amount of fear and frenzied energy at this time all around the world. A lot of anger too. Please take [...]

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New Offerings for 2020

There has been a lot of growth with Ascend-Now.   We are now international! And we are expanding what we are offering for 2020. With all the earth wide energy’s over 2019 and coming 2020 there is more interest than ever and a lot of you have been asking for more! So I’m buckling down [...]

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2020 Asend-Now Schedule

Ascend-Now 2020 Schedule Times are EST     We have some new offerings this year. January 2020 02- Members Only Call; Old genetic patterns of suffering release 8 p.m. 07- Seven Seals and God Codes 8 p.m. 08- Short Healings- Releasing anger/hatred patterns and triggers and God Codes 9 p.m. 14-Seven Seals and God Codes [...]

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Universal Medatation

Understanding Universal Meditation I have been asked many times what we are truly doing when expanding out into universal space. So here is some information to help explain why I encourage this tool and method of expansion. The purpose of expanding into your universe is to expand your consciousness out to point of becoming silent [...]

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Living in Joy

Living in Joy   We have all heard that happiness is a choice. It seems hard to choose “happiness” here on earth a lot of the time. With jobs, family, responsibilities and everything that comes with it we often forget to choose happiness. Many times we place happiness in the category of we will be [...]

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Spa Day for the body, mind and soul!

JOIN US FOR AN UPCOMING WORKSHOP! Day of Rejuvenation! A spa day for the body, mind and soul! JANUARY 12, 2019 9 am - 4 pm EST Divine Yoga Studio, Lewisville, NC We all want to look good, feel good and be at our ultimate best throughout our life.  Environmental toxins and stress and chaos energies [...]

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