Weight Loss with Energy Healings

It's the Monday after Thanksgiving, I hope everyone had a wonderful time with family and friends. I am posting today to say how shocked I was over the weekend to see TV commercials marketing a new HGH (human growth hormone) product  for weight loss.If anyone out there is considering taking this product, don't! It is very dangerous! [...]

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Week Two, Vegan Update

Week two completed as Vegan. So far so good! My trip into town for lunch went well. First time eating out as Vegan, I got taco salad without meat, just beans and rice with salad on top. The waitress gave me a strange look though and I just laughed and shrugged. Over the past several [...]

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Vegan Update

Day 7: Well, I fell off the wagon. My sweet tooth got the better of me and I made what I thought was going to be a Vegan chocolate sauce. The chocolate I used had milk in it……… and I ate it anyway. I felt my vibration drop significantly even with this small amount of [...]

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