Booking your focused healing with KristyLea.

Please read through before you book for the first time!

Booking is very easy. We utilize a self-booking system with Keep & Share. This is a center that you can see everything on a calendar and choose the date and time you would like to have your appointment.  Fill out the appointment form, pay and you’re done!

For your security, when booking for your class or session, you will receive a private payment request from Ascend-Now through PayPal. The payment request will be emailed to you through the email provided while booking.  Once payment is received, you will receive a confirmation of your appointment with “Join Me” information.

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Creating your Focused Healing Sessions

Your first appointment needs to be a consultation. In this session you will discuss your main focus choice. This is the area of Body, Mind or Being , that KristyLea will create your personalized sessions around. You may also wish to discuss a payment plan if needed during your consultation.  Once first payment is activated and you have signed your Ascend-Now contract and returned it to us, you may proceed to book your first session appointment.

If you are booking just one singular session:    

  • Choose the date and time you desire.  Fill out your session form, choose your payment for the session desired, pay and click book now. Our system will send you a confirmation email.
  • Your name is kept confidential. When a session is booked that time slot in the calendar will simply read as ‘Booked.’
  • Ascend-Now does not ever sell nor share your information to a third party.  All sessions are held in confidence.
  • All payment plans are interest free and are auto withdrawn from your account.  Please activate this on the day you wish payment to come out each month for the amount of months dictated in your payment plan.If you need assistance, please call or text KristyLea at (828)446-6865. Thank You. Book any appointment now.