Main Focus:  The Body

Many times it is the healing of the body that becomes the first step into enlightened states.  It is a doorway into the conscious Ascension process.  It is my joy to offer personal healing of your body and assist you through the door of opening consciousness and oneness with yourself.

Some of the things that can be tailored just for you in this focus area are:

Injuries, Pain: Aligning the cellular and subatomic particles of your physical body to heal injuries. This will assist with releasing pain, inflammation and healing any injuries, even if they are old ones.

Nerve damage: Rebuilding damaged tissue, such as releasing inflammation or healing nerve damage. This may cause some discomfort.

Meridian clearing and alignment:The alignment of all meridians and meridian points that run throughout your body are opened, checked for proper function and then the etherical body connections to these points are corrected, healed and re-engaged so that your body can receive proper energy from the Divine, specific to the physical body proper function. At times this is a very deep healing that is more aligned to psychic surgery with the Ascended Masters.

Stem Cells: Stem Cells will be activated and begin multiplying to rebuild and regenerate your body.

Thoughts about the Body: We will work on all mindsets that are keeping you stuck where your body is.  This is tailored to you and your body and situation.

Anti-Aging: There are many things that can be implemented for anti-aging and reversal of age, including working with Athena, who brought information of the Reverse course to me to begin the process of reversing one’s body to a younger place. Also available is Stem Cell healings,  and working to release you from genetic, historic and 3D perceptions of aging.

Weight Loss/Balance: Weight Management can be a challenge with bodies as well.  There are many things that can be done to make the particular challenge more easy to overcome such as changing mind sets about food, exercise and your body. We can also release the holding of fat and cellulite and correct on a subatomic level to tighten up the space between fat cells, which is more vast in heavy people. I have been given a lot of information in this area from God and the Masters concerning this. We will find the right way to work with your body!

Specific healing for disease, injury, or organ dysfunction will be looked at individually and a personalized plan will be made.

I have found as a healer many times the body becomes dysfunctional due to stuck energies in the emotional body.  I have also seen environmental sensitivities as a culprit of dysfunction.  If you have been carrying stress and chronic tension, we have some vibrational waves that will assist you into a state of relaxation within the body.

After your consultation with KristyLea, many areas will be looked at and discussed on your behalf with God Creator and the Ascended Masters and KristyLea to come up with the best plan for you.

The God Codes and Seven Seals will be a large part of this main focus.

Each focused healing set is tailored for you to get you into a state of health the quickest way possible.

**Please note:

The time frame that you will be working with Ascend-Now and KristyLea is a spiritual contract between you, God-Creator, the Ascended Masters, and KristyLea.  Your session time is not the only healing you will be receiving. Continued shifting beyond the session time is natural. The work does not stop at session time as they continue to work with you in-between sessions of your package.  As your guide, KristyLea will walk with you though your process. You are not alone.  KristyLea stands as witness for the shifting, clearing and expansion of you into a healthy state.  She will relate what she sees as the Masters and God work with your body and energies.

Although we understand you are asking for change, change is not always easy.  Our motto is ‘Sit back, relax and allow.”  At times you may experience intensity, fear, and discomfort in your body.  This is due to the changes occurring, and resistance to letting go.  The logical mind resists change because it is programmed to protect and keep you safe, even if that means keeping you ill. That is how the physical brain works  – and it is designed to do so.

Your part is to relax and allow. That is not always easy when you do not know how to let something go.  Be patient, it is a process.

If you have any further questions, please contact KristyLea.

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