Main Focus: The Being

Please consider receiving the main focus of The Mind before embarking on this deeper path.  It is not required, just suggested.

When you focus on healing your Being, you are working to create yourself in your expanded, enlightened state.  It is a doorway into the conscious Ascension process that creates more expansion expression of your truth from within.  It is my joy to guide you into this enlightened state of Being.  Expanding to this state can bring up issues.  In this main focus we expand you into opening consciousness with oneness and love for yourself and others.

Some of the things that can be tailored just for you in this focus are:

Move beyond 3D: Clearing you and opening the doors to allow God to express through you more fully. This focus releases you from deeper 3D belief systems and brings you more fully into 5D.

Illusory Thoughts: We begin to focus on releasing you from the illusions of earth, connecting you deeper into the Christ Grid that is around our earth.

Balanced Power: This healing will bring you into a deeper balance with your power.

New Energies: You will be connected to nature energies and Divine energies, while holding Earth energies in balance.

Purpose: Experience what it is to be aligned with Divine purpose and have deep rooted trust in all existence.

Divine Self: We will take you beyond purpose and awakening you into your Divine Design that was created within you by God at the point of your beginning (the birth of your soul.) This is the alignment of your full truth as God sees and knows you to be.

In this main focus we truly focus on expanding you into oneness- releasing all judgment, control and justifications. It is the goal to release you from states of duality that exists here on earth plane.

  • Move into detachment and acceptance.
  • Release the Ego self-Lower self and connect with your higher self.
  • Experience the joy of loving yourself and others with pure love.
  • Live and know the true I AM state.

As you clear, the gateways of God’s love, joy, kindness and compassion will open within your heart and you begin to express these higher vibrations from deep within to all.

This is the process of becoming one with All

The God Codes and Seven Seals will be a large part of this main focus.

Each focused healing set is tailored for you to get you into a state of health the quickest way possible.

**Please note:

The time frame that you will be working with Ascend-Now and KristyLea is a spiritual contract between you, God-Creator, the Ascended Masters, and KristyLea.  Your session time is not the only healing you will be receiving. Continued shifting beyond the session time is natural. The work does not stop at session time as they continue to work with you in-between sessions of your package.  As your guide, KristyLea will walk with you though your process. You are not alone.  KristyLea stands as witness for the shifting, clearing and expansion of you into a healthy state.  She will relate what she sees as the Masters and God work with your body and energies.

Although we understand you are asking for change, change is not always easy.  Our motto is ‘Sit back, relax and allow.”  At times you may experience intensity, fear, and discomfort in your body.  This is due to the changes occurring, and resistance to letting go.  The logical mind resist change because it is programed to protect and keep you safe, even if that means keeping you ill. That is how the physical brain works and it is designed to do so.

Your part is to relax and allow. That is not always easy when you do not know how to let something go.  Be patient, it is a process.

If you have any further questions, please contact KristyLea.

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