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Universal Medatation

Understanding Universal Meditation I have been asked many times what we are truly doing when expanding out into universal space. So here is some information to help explain why I encourage this tool and method of expansion. The purpose of expanding into your universe is to expand your consciousness out to point of becoming silent [...]

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Living in Joy

Living in Joy   We have all heard that happiness is a choice. It seems hard to choose “happiness” here on earth a lot of the time. With jobs, family, responsibilities and everything that comes with it we often forget to choose happiness. Many times we place happiness in the category of we will be [...]

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Joy – December 2015 Newsletter

Happy December! Warm wishes for a beautiful holiday season full of love, peace and joy and a prosperous, fruitful New Year! Class Updates: Registration is now open for January classes. We begin on January 4th with a new twelve week round of all offerings. Please see the schedule on page 2 of the newsletter or [...]

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Forgiveness – November 2015 Newsletter

Happy November! Thanksgiving is just around the corner. We have so much to be thankful for at Ascend-Now, not the least of which is you and your support through the years. Please see my special “thank you” giveaway on Page Two and I wish you each a beautiful, abundant celebration with friends and family this [...]

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Week Two, Vegan Update

Week two completed as Vegan. So far so good! My trip into town for lunch went well. First time eating out as Vegan, I got taco salad without meat, just beans and rice with salad on top. The waitress gave me a strange look though and I just laughed and shrugged. Over the past several [...]

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Vegan Update

Day 7: Well, I fell off the wagon. My sweet tooth got the better of me and I made what I thought was going to be a Vegan chocolate sauce. The chocolate I used had milk in it……… and I ate it anyway. I felt my vibration drop significantly even with this small amount of [...]

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