Class Updates:

It is Back to School time at Ascend-Now! Classes start up again on August 22nd, woo hoo! Please see the link here for a full list of the classes available, with prices for each course available here.  We have received tons of positive feedback from those that have registered with us so far. Thank you all for being a part of our offerings!!


Open Healing:

Thursday, August 18 – 8:00-9:00 p.m. EST. The topic is Experiencing God’s Abundance. See article below for more info. about this highly misunderstood topic.

Call (872) 240-3212, access  code 369-186-301 or see details on joining through GoTo Meeting Use your microphone and speakers (VoIP) – a headset is recommended. Please invite others to join in, we love meeting new faces! And as always, if you have an additional healing request you can email it in beforehand. Your name and request will not be shared with the group.


Word of the Month:

Abundance –

an energetic belief system, made consciously, that is based on developing and maintaining faith in there being enough Good for All, including the self.


A note from KristyLea

Abundance.  What a powerful word.  We think about it a lot throughout our lives. Many times our thoughts settle and get stuck on what we don’t have,  or what we want. Or we simply think in terms of money when this word comes up in our thoughts.

What if this simple word was an energy that is completely different than what you have ever thought about or experienced before?

The human concept of abundance is one of the most limiting and binding of all things.  We have been caught in a huge entanglement that concerns this, affecting the quality of our lives. I clearly see that this is an entanglement that reaches far beyond your body and out into your Universes!  Something this huge in entanglement affects everything that you are working to bring into your life!  This is concerning to me, as your guide!

God wishes you to come into a new sense and experience of Abundance. One that is of HIS design and will for us all.

Are you willing to let go?

Many of you say heck yeah!  Bring it ON!

This makes me smile, because I see that most say yes, but hold onto their ways of thinking and experiencing this with that white knuckled grip.

For the August Open Healing we are going to do a DEEP healing of these issues on a whole new level.  BUT I need you to prepare for this one. Please note:

For 24 hours before this Open Healing, I ask that you eat NO animal products at all. NO meat, eggs, cheese or any other milk products. I encourage you to meditate the day before and begin the surrendering process.  Pray, tell God you will be attending this healing and wish to surrender fully to this healing and to HIM.

I will post a note on Facebook the day before, reminding everyone to eat cleanly, if they are calling in Thursday night.

Also – I will be offering a free gift with all purchases of the August Open Healing recording. This gift will be announced during the Open Healing call. So be sure to tune in to hear about it.

Love and light!

 Q and A


How in the middle of conflict with someone can I expand out and send light to them? I am usually too upset at that point!”  

Practice.  Practice, practice, practice!

I suggest that for those you have issues with already, practice while you are not in their presence.  Then it becomes easier as you move forward and get used to it.  It will only take a moment of time – twenty seconds or so to complete.  You can truly do this all at once!  Yes, really. Expand during conflict!

However, if a family member or friend or anyone is treating you with cruelty in word or action and showing you disrespect, I have a few words to add. You do not deserve to be treated with disrespect by anyone, let alone family! Some people will tolerate hate or abuse and think they deserve it for some reason or that perhaps they are being taught to love unconditonally. Well, perhaps the lesson is learning how to stay in your power!

I do offer a class called Balanced Power that can assist you with learning how to stand your ground with a reasonable level of comfort. Learn to say “This doesn’t work for me” and say it without fear or anger.

*Abuse in any form is still abuse!  If you are being abused, please seek safety.  You are allowed to leave and seek safety! You are ALL beautiful children of God-Creator of all. I am here for you and if I can help you create peace and love in ALL your relationships, please let me know!

Dealing with Family Conflict

We all love our families, but sometimes things come up and we don’t like them or the choices they make.  How to deal with this can be a murky decision at times.  The good news is that it doesn’t have to be.

There are many things I see with this.  Control energies, entanglement connections to each other, reaction triggers and more.

There is a simple way to get around all that.  It is this, expand out! I know it is difficult to do when you are in the middle of reacting, but most reaction is the action of justification and control. It is a duality you have become stuck in. By taking the steps to relax and expand out, things will begin to ease up in your emotions.

The next step is to surround yourself in light and the pink mist of compassion.

Visualize this for just a moment. Beautiful heavenly light all around you, with a pink mist swirling around in it.  Sound peaceful? Take a deep breath in and ground to Mother Earth! Grounding to Mother Earth and allowing that energy to come up through your feet and up your body to the top of your head not only feels grounding, but nurturing.  It will support you and bring you into a more peaceful state.

Look at your family members’ heart chakras and see the light that is there.

Yes, even if you think it is dim, it is still there.  Pull it out and surround them in light too. Now LET GO! It is all just choice!  It is all just choice!

Thanks to All!

July’s Open Healing was awesome!  I have had many people report that after that healing they experienced a giddiness and joy. So did I!  I wish to thank all who come in each month to attend these free healings. Also thanks to all of you who send in questions and requests for Open Healings.  Thank you for coming forward with issues and being the contribution that you all are.  You make a difference. When you come forward, all that attend the call have common threads with what you asked to be opened, healed and expanded. Everyone benefits and receives healing on it on some level. The healing gets expanded more, with your participation!

Again, deep, heartfelt thanks to you all!

New QuickShifts Videos Posted this Month Help with Weight Loss!

Check out our YouTube channel later this month for two free videos “Twelve Keys to Weight Balance” and “Weight Freedom”. Listen to these two back to back for powerful healings on hormones and adrenals, bringing to balance your metabolic system and stress levels. Hormones worked on include: HGH, thyroid, estrogen, testosterone, progesterone, cortisol, DHEA , leptin and glucagon.  Each of these affect weight! Also included in the “Weight Freedom” video is a fat and cellulite dissipation wave as well as releases on mind sets that keep you in addictive eating patterns and cravings.