“Thanks KL! It was a good session last night. I was very quiet as I have had a tough week and didn’t know where to even begin with questions! Anyhow I woke up with more hope and joy this morning so thank you!!!!!”
– Love, Isla
“Thank you for a very powerful Members Only Healing night! I appreciate your guidance with not listening for 3-4 days. What a joy it is to be able to travel with you!
BIG hugs and with much appreciation,
“I can already tell a difference between the monthly healings. Your Open Healings have always been incredibly powerful but this is a whole new level of healing we get as a Member. Plus I loved the channeled message you emailed to us! Just what I needed to hear!! Thank you KristyLea!!”
~Tina M.


“Thank you for being an instrument to bringing us this choice to undergo acute transformation. Thank you for evolving to bring us to open our minds to this choice of higher level of consciousness. The heightened awareness to return to a connection to the divine aspects of myself which has been dormant far to long. It sounds like a remarkable, challenging, rewarding process to bring us from illusions, blocks to ecstasy of joy and being. Thank you for everything!”
– Debrah B.

“I listened to the recording last night from Dec 20th. This is now the 2nd time when I’ve listened to a recording on speaker and my cat goes bonkers over your voice. He runs right to the phone and sits there. I just had to tell you.”

-Anna P.

“I can’t thank you enough for the beautiful angel card reading yesterday. Every card you turned helped me see my situation from a more positive perspective and I feel ready to let go of the fear and control I was living in around it. Even questions that were held in my heart and not spoken were addressed in the cards! I now understand I have way more support than I realize from the angelic realms, if I will quit trying to figure everything out and just live in a state of allowance. I can’t believe I am saying this, but I am sort of excited to see how this whole “stressful” situation unfolds, now that I don’t feel so responsible for the outcome! Thank you, Kristylea!!”
– Julie B.

“What an unusual and expanding experience. Am still reveling and in wonderment of the internal changes that continue to ‘spark’ healing. Me thinks I am still sorting, processing. Much gratitude that you, KristyLea chose to LISTEN to spirit and act upon the loving guidance shown and given to you. No doubt your lessons have brought to us all a place where we can BE and grow without harmful ‘side effects’…..! ENERGY IS. There are many modalities available in these times, as we know, however healing energy resonates differently in each one of us. Onward and Upward in joy and deep gratitude.”
– Johanna K.

“This work is amazing!!! I have watched this entire process unfold for the past year while Kristylea has channeled this work and the incredible transformations that have occurred for both of us as we have been on this journey.

Although I have experienced many other modalities over my lifetime, Ascend-Now The Seven Seals of Ascension course has gone far beyond to get to my entire entanglement and Yokes of Labor cleared, not just the surface of my issues but all of them. It has allowed me to be clearer than ever before so that I may help others around me to heal, stand in my power without control or judgment and open up to receiving… in so many ways and to live in this embodiment with more joy and harmony than ever before. I am truly grateful to Kristylea for bring this work forward and sharing it with the world.

Blessings to all who take this step to finding your Truth.”
– Juliette K.

“One day I looked in the mirror and I no longer recognized the person staring back at me. My life of hardship, heartbreak, tribulation both physical and emotional took its toll on me. I lost who I was, lost my love for live, love for others, my confidence and my glow. I was so embarrassed of me, that I wouldn’t let my kids take pictures of me, I dreaded flying home to see family and found myself always trying to hide me.

I was ready to take back my life, so I started my journey towards healing, first on a physical level and met a friend who talked the Reverse program and suggested I sign up, in fact, she insisted I sign up. I didn’t quite know what to expect but thought even if it made a little change, it would be worth it.

I don’t know how to explain how I felt or if I felt anything during the session. All I can say is I felt my mind wasn’t always cluttered or running in so many directions with responsibilities of life. I felt relaxed, I felt peace and more importantly, I found myself not always trying to hide myself from others and started to talk to people around me.

I realized the gift my friend gave me, by introducing me to KristyLea and Ascend-Now. And before the Reverse was completed, I was ready and signed up to take my next course because I finally could see the light and am excited to continue my path of healing for me and my family.

Thank you KristyLea for giving me and others the opportunity for growth, for the ability to heal and for one day to fully experience Ascension.

– Michele

“If you would attain
to what you are not yet,
you must always be displeased by
what you are. For where you are pleased
with yourself there you have remained.
Keep adding, keep walking,
keep advancing.”
– Saint Augustine

Thank you so much! The healing and opening tonight
was the most gentle and immediately transformative
experience I have had yet. It made a huge difference
as I have been experiencing fatigue bordering on depression
and I now feel hopeful, harmonious, and inspired.
What a pure blessing you are KristyLea with your willingness
to be a conduit and compassionate, wise, and kind guide and
way shower for ascension. Thank you!
Many blessings of love and peace to you and to the whole community,
I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the transformations that have happened in my life since I first met you in Winston-Salem  at the Open Healing, a couple of months ago – after this healing my family dynamics  changed dramatically and I realized  your  work is very  powerful. I then purchased the tasters Happy Teeth and Bright Eyes. I can only say Wow! They both have removed so much fear, trauma and resistance  from my being, that major transformations are unexpectedly happening to me;  my health and well being are  dramatically better; relationships opening up and improving, work and job offers coming out of the blue…..incredible! Thank you so much for enabling these changes. I look forward to continuing  with your healing work.
Much love,”
Isla M.

“Hi KristyLea,
Thanks for the course. My experience was one of deep relaxation during the calls. It was a very busy time for me (traveling and helping my daughter move) and maybe I didn’t participate as fully as I intended so as to perceive dramatic results. I am hoping that was a beginning for lots of growth in joy and healing. Your work is very beautiful and you are very dedicated!
Lots of blessings,”

“It is a great privilege and a great honor to be able to receive the guidance and wisdom from KristyLea’s Ascend-Now class, Reverse.

Being able to receive Goddess Athena’s Reverse class was really huge for me – This class releases you from all of your belief’s about aging and getting older. You have been carrying these genes from your ancestors and from their ancestors. Some people actually think you have to get old and die, and you don’t.

I think this class was really profound for me, especially when Goddess Athena placed the healing wraps on my body. I could actually feel her doing it. And my skin is so soft, too.

So, Wow, I would recommend this class to all people, both men and women, who would love to look younger and feel younger, too. It really gives you a lot of energy, too.

Thanks again, Kristylea for making a way for us to stay young and healthy, too.

Love ya,”

“Energy is flowing. I have had two meetings in the last two weeks with people that I haven’t seen in 6 or more months and both of them have turned into huge opportunities for business. Thank you for reminding me that financials do not have to all come from one place and to be open to other possibilities by not controlling how or where they happen. I am feeling so excited and alive again out side my 9-5 that I can see more about where I want to be and how to get there than ever before. I have continued meditating a few nights a week working to keep my chakras open to the possibilities. I always fall asleep around the light of the universe part, but I figure if that keeps me open to the possibilities I am happy with that!

Again, thank you!”

The Reverse course has given me motivation to continue on an amazing journey as the universe unfolds before me. The class was relaxing and enjoyable. I did not want to miss any of them. Reverse has pushed me into a vibrational mode that I did not know existed. My energy level has increased, my strength is increasing and my memory is better. Things seem clearer somehow, and I appreciate the dedication you put into the Reverse course.

Thank you so much!!!”

“Dear KristyLea,

Thank you for your generosity in providing this service!

My experience: with each session, I felt increased relaxation that progressively occurred more rapidly & more deeply. I haven’t observed any physical changes yet but that may be too much to expect. In the past 2-3 years, I’ve been dealing with my parents’ terminal illnesses, passing within 6 months of each other & execution of their estate, all from 3000 miles away. It feels like I’ve aged a decade in that time. However, at the conclusion of the series, I suddenly felt energized enough to step up my exercise & nutritional programs.

There was an interesting episode I want to share: for one session, I was visiting my daughter & son-in-law, who live in a rural mountainous area with spotty cell phone service. I told them that I would be receiving an energy healing & set myself up in a location where my phone worked. My son-in-law, a skeptic, happened to be across the room during the session. The phone was by my ear & yet my son-in-law inexplicably found himself napping!


“I wanna say ”cant wait till next class”, (but) one needs several days to process and prepare. I often liken this sensation to what it will FEEL like in the presences of the MOTHER/FATHER creators……magnified exponentially!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for listening to your heart/soul…..
BE in wellness,”


“I had taken several courses with KristyLea when she had announced she was going to have an Addictions course. When one hears or sees the word “Addiction”, we might instantly think of drug abuse or substance abuse, a chain smoker or an alcoholic. I was neither of these and didn’t think I had any addiction and wouldn’t need this course. Until I had a wake up call….

My daughter had returned from visiting her dad for 7 days and she immediately noticed and asked me why there was so many Pepsi cans and Big Gulps in the kitchen and on my desk. I realized after looking around and taking count, I had a substantial collection of Pepsi cans and cups of half full Big Gulps of Pepsi. When I thought about, it I realized I always have to have a fresh can or cup of Pepsi with every meal, with my snack, and while watching TV. It became apparent the reasons why I thought I needed a Pepsi was incorrect. The reason why I always had Pepsi was deeper than that, it was because my body always craved, wanted, needed Pepsi, no matter what time of the day it was. If I needed a Pepsi and there wasn’t any in my house, then I would leave at all hours of the day, no matter if it was midnight, because 7-11 around the corner is open 24 hours, so I went and got my Pepsi. A definition of addiction is “the state of being enslaved to a habit or practice or to something that is psychologically and physically habit forming.” I finally admitted I had a problem, I have an addiction to Pepsi and needed help. I immediately emailed KristyLea told her all I felt with Pepsi and I needed the Addiction course.

After completing the course, I was absolutely amazed and excited about how I felt. My body was no longer craving, wanting or needing Pepsi, my mind hadn’t caught up completely or maybe it was rebellion against my body and wanted to test the boundaries (like we all do when someone says no) so I would get a Pepsi to satisfy my mind. After one sip, my body just didn’t want it… it’s like my body rejected it and I ended up throwing out the Pepsi. I felt liberated! Now the only time I drink Pepsi is when there is nothing else available, like a restaurant that doesn’t have bottle water or if they don’t filter their water and when I occasionally need caffeine, since I don’t drink coffee.

The other problem I had was spending money foolishly or needlessly regardless of the consequences. I’m a single mom living on a tight budget and do not having the luxury for extras. But that didn’t stop me! I would still spend knowing that I will have problems later. After the Addiction course, my mind-set on spending money changed. I no longer wanted to spend money foolishly. I don’t know how to explain this different or new mind-set, only that I didn’t have the urge to spend when I didn’t need to. And even when I rationalize that it was okay to spend the money and had the extra to spend, I still didn’t do so, I would do an assessment or quick run down several times and sometimes wait a few days and if I felt the same way and the purchase whatever it may be was neutral; on a scale of 1 to 5, 1 being strongly not needed or a waste and 5 being strongly needed, and it was a 3 and didn’t make a difference either way, I just wrote it off and walked away. I found myself having more cash and not having needless items sitting around or a regret that I purchased something and now I need the cash more.

When I took the Addiction course it was a 3-one hour course, the new course has been extended to 12 weeks. If the original course was able to do all that it has done for me, I can only imagine what the new Addiction course of 12 weeks could do!!

Thank you! Thank you, so much KristyLea and Ascend-Now for all you do and all your guidance!

With lot of Aloha, Michele”