Ascend-Now Founder and Guide

KristyLea Neville

Ascend-Now was founded by KristyLea Neville, natural clairvoyant and healer. KristyLea grew up in central California and has been intuitive and aware since childhood. Even as a young teen, she experienced profound dreams and visions pertaining to her life or that of her friends and family. Communicating with animals has also always been a love of hers.

Her awareness and abilities have increased and grown over the years to the point where she is able to see energy in rooms, people, and time eternal, as well as the thoughts, beliefs and emotions behind these energies. She has consciously chosen to help others see their true potential as Divine Beings and to assist them in healing false belief systems and disease as it pertains to such.

This type of energetic healing is unique to KristyLea and new to the Earth, brought in through KristyLea by Ascended Masters and God-Creator of All. She offers herself as a witness before God and asks for and beholds the change you seek in your body, mind and spirit. Shifts are immediate and profound, and yet unbelievably easy for the client, who simply waits quietly and allows KristyLea to witness and share verbally each energetic shift as it occurs.

KristyLea currently lives in North Carolina with her husband Mark and two youngest boys. She has four children and three grandchildren. She is a published author of fiction and is beginning to write on the Seven Seals of Ascension and The Tree of Life.

A letter from KristyLea

A warm welcome to my beautiful friends,

You are so much more than you know! I thank you for being who you are, and the contribution you are. Thank you for allowing your awareness to lead you to Ascend-Now, however you were led here.

There is a reason you have come here. It is my ‘knowing’ that you have been guided to. You’re beginning a new journey. One of healing and one of change. How excited I am for you and the coming changes for you and your life! This journey can be an exciting adventure for you. Sometimes change can be intense and frustrating. I am writing this letter to let you know that I am here to assist and guide you through your new path. Whether you are looking for just a little healing or a complete overhaul of your life, mind and being, it can be done. You can be guided through this journey, more easily than you now realize.

Ascend-Now is all about guiding you. You no longer have to “figure it all out” or struggle your way through it. It may be that you would like to see change in your life on some level and don’t know how to get from where you are  to where you would like to be. As we have stated, all you need to do is be ready, sit back, relax and allow the energy! That’s it. It can’t get any easier than that!

Many of my clients become so relaxed that they doze off  during their private appointments. It is wonderful that they are in complete acceptance and non resistance. The change you are seeking is waiting for you to relax and allow. Are you ready?

With joy and kindness,

Founder-Master Guide, Ascend-Now


The services of Ascend-Now is not a source for diagnosis for any disease. We fully suggest that you follow your Doctor’s advice and treatments and/or medications prescribed for you by your physician. Ascend-Now can be used in conjunction and in tandem with any medical treatment and/or guidelines provided by your physician. Click here to book a consult or session customized to heal your Body, Mind or Being.


Ascend-Now Co-Founder and Guide

Juliette King

My work serves clients that are looking for a nurturing guide to assist them in the expansion of wellness, joy, and balance.
My gift to you as the client is to hold space for those of you who want to step into your truth as an infinite being having a human experience. Using my hands and insight to guide me, we will work together to expand you beyond the boundaries of illness, disease and discomfort.
I grew up in Hawaii with the Aloha spirit and a healing environment, nurtured by my Tutu (grandmother) she taught me to use my hands to give “healing light” to the birds that had flown into our big windows and revive them.
Being a very energetically sensitive being, I would pick up on energies and not know that my thoughts and feelings were not always mine, leaving my nervous system out of balance to create an eating disorder at the age of 14. Since then I have had a passion for learning anything that had to do with health, nutrition and healing modalities to bring the body into harmony.

Ascend Now is not a modality, it is a process of clearing and expansion, bringing you into your true self as God intended us to be.

I look forward to guiding you on your path of healing to vibrant health, and provide a safe space to release all that is no longer serving you.With Much Aloha,


Licenses Certifications and Education
Licensed massage therapist in HI, CA NC 1997-2011
Reiki Master 1996
Certified Aromatherapist 1996
I-ACT Certified Colon Hydrotherapist 2005
Certified Reboundology 2006
Certified Ascend-Now Master Guide 2015
Certified Electro Lymphatic Drainage 2016