October 19, 2015

The other day, Lord Metatron came to me. He was standing to the left of me as I sat in meditative state. He was close enough that I could feel his body heat and knew without doubt he was there. He began to speak. The message was one that was hard for me to hear. “I would like you to do a 21 day fast.” (I began to cry…….no….. I literally began to sob!) Food is a difficult area for me. Over the years I have adapted a fairly clean diet. He continued, “No animal protein or milk products at all for the 21 days. Also we suggest that you limit your possessed foods intake, as well as no caffeine.” I sobbed harder. The processed foods were not that difficult and I don’t usually drink anything with caffeine on a regular basis. No meat, no milk, no CHEESE or EGGS?!!! I’m not a tofu kind of woman!! VEGAN?

I cried some more. I never imagined that I would become one of ‘those’ people. The ones who eat so clean that they get sick if they eat a potato chip or a slice of birthday cake, even though I had always had admired the way they look – lean with such beautiful skin and bright eyes. Metatron gave me a moment to adjust to the thought. I realized that this scared me. Really scared me! I had no idea how to cook in this manner. I had always prided myself as a good cook. But this? I didn’t even know where to begin.

He continued, “We cannot bring you to completion of the Ring Pass Not while you are consuming the lower vibrations of animals that you are bringing into your body though the consumption of meat and milk products. It is also consuming death energy and you are working to come into a fullness of life. This is why I am asking you to do this 21 day fast,” he explained. Ok, that makes sense. As I sat in silenced shock, I thought back. I have noticed over the past several weeks that when I had handled meat I could feel what he had put a name ‘Death Energy’ on and I smelled it on some level. He had put the name to what I had been experiencing and sensing just outside of my consciousness. I also had been having a strange burning in my mouth and throat when I would eat, primarily during main courses that contained meat.

Metatron continued to show me the energies he was talking about and showed me how it was preventing me from completing the ring pass not. I could clearly see what he was talking about and showing me. I was stuck in the ring. As I sat watching in wonder as he showed me, I knew…. I knew that once this journey has begun, I would not be able to go back to the old way of eating that I have had all my life. This would become a life choice – one that is scary for me. It may seem silly to many of you who are reading this. For me, this is a huge scary elephant! One that now, I can’t eat! LOL

So here I go, on a new spiritual journey. Going Vegan….. deep breath, blow my nose and move forward. I will be keeping count and updating my progress. Thank you for your support, prayers and especially, your humor. Now… to tell my husband………. (Scary;-)

Day 1 – October 20, 2015

Last night I shared my experience with my husband Mark. He listened and asked a few questions and I explained what I was shown. He surprised me by saying he had lost interest in eating anyway so maybe a change would be fine with him. He told me that he would support me. I burst into tears again when he wrapped his arms around me.

He told me that I was just scared of cooking in a way I was not familiar with, but he also told me that he knew that I would find a way and that it would taste good. Then he grabbed his keys and we went to the store to get a few things to get me by until I could figure out what to do next. Last night before I went to bed. I prayed and dedicated my body to God. I asked for his support and guidance. I also asked that the mind sets that I have been running throughout my life to be released so this would not be so mentally/emotionally hard for me. I was given a dream.

In my dream Mother God-The Divine Feminine came to me. She was directly behind me and she began to sing. As she sang, I sang with her. She began to dance slowly behind me and my body was mirroring her movements as well as the songs. The language was in the Divine light language. It was a beautiful experience and felt like a celebration. She was wearing a light blue dress with flowing material and I can remember how sweet she smelled, floral and clean. The way the movements made me feel and the song was beautiful to my being. When I woke up, I had been crying. (From joy this time!)

I called my close friend Beth and filled her in. I knew her 13 year old son was Vegetarian and she had learned to cook in this way. She was happy to talk to me and gave me some suggestions as to where to start. What a blessing she is! Beth emailed me a list of vegan websites that I began to look though, I found several recipes I intend on trying…. will have to get ingredients this weekend. Not as scared today.

I primarily stuck with almond butter sandwich and I made a salad with shredded broccoli, carrots, avocado, tomato and a light vinaigrette dressing.I did not feel like I was going to starve!! With most diets I always felt hungry all the time. With this I did not. I was satisfied. BIG relief!

Day 2- October 21, 2015

Metatron came to encourage me today. He told me that now that I am not eating meat and dairy that my appetite would decrease. He shared that animals are constantly eating or looking for the next meal, that eating and bringing their energy into my body in the past, it contributed to my larger appetite. That it was the animal vibration that I was intuitively picking up on, causing my larger appetite. He shared that as these vibrations leave my body over the 21 days, I should notice a huge difference in this aria of my life and body.Reason to celebrate. I have not felt this take place yet, but am excited to have this experience. So far I have been successful.

Day 3 – October 22, 2015

Feeling a bit overwhelmed today. There is so much information and misconceptions of Vegan lifestyles. I never knew that being vegan could look so good to eat! Finding a lot of recipes available for free on the web. I’m having a hard time cutting so much out, all at the same time. I am having severe sugar cravings. I have started Noni to help balance out the candida. This has always assisted whenever I have begun to get cravings like this. It takes a few days to take effect and balance things out. I broke down and ate a few cookies. Then I read the label…. Whey protein from milk. Dangit! Only day three!! I’m not used to reading labels! Will read them all now and in the future. On the up side, I did feel the shift in the vibration soon after I ate them. I could feel my vibration drop somewhat. Wow that was fast. That is what prompted me to look at the label. Metatron asked me to not eat any more of them and I gave my word that I would not eat any more. I felt upset for a short while but I am also grateful for this flub-up on my part. I am grateful for the validation in what I felt. Even with this small amount of milk by-product, I felt my vibration drop. I knew that they had something on the no- no list.

I am wondering how I will feel after the 21 days? I’m excited to find out. Many people are stating more energy in this food lifestyle, weight loss and many other benefits. In the information I have found so far many choose this food lifestyle to be cruelty free. I don’t feel that so much. Making this choice was done because of the vibration and lower energy, not because I feel bad for the cows, or chickens, or any other animal. Don’t get me wrong. I love animals. But I have also enjoyed a carnivore lifestyle for a long time.