2021 Full Schedule


Open Healing 2021

8pm EST


Jan 21; A new Arising- Discovering your truth

Feb 18; Alignment to new earth

March 18; Polar shifts

April 15; Neg polarity Release- peace and calm life

May 20; United form

June 17; Awakening abundance- Shifting it into reality

July 15; Releasing slavery/imprisonment from all 4 body’s and all reality’s

Aug 19; Living without and beyond ego

Sep 16; Managing time-releasing procrastination

Oct 21; Aligning to more truth (With comfort and acceptance)

Nov 18; Oneness within – Releasing the resistance and disbelief

Dec 16; Oneness with Divine- Releasing the resistance, unworthiness and doubt




Members Only 2021

8pm EST

$6.00 a month subscription

Jan 7; A fresh start

Feb 4; Coming into new rhythms

March 4; Inner light intensity- inaugurating it comfortably

April 1; Shifting reality

May 6; Awakening the slumbering you

June 3; Coming into Balancing within you new power

July 1; Becoming the light house- 3eye work

Aug 5; Honoring truth

Sep 2; Believing in your change

Oct 7; Brining in peace- The radiance in your truth

Nov 4; Breath of Love (From God)

Dec 2; Centering to celestial



Short Healings 2021

9pm EST

$35 each

Jan 6; Practical thought release

Jan 20; Toxic emotion patterns release

Feb 3; Addictive behavior release

Feb 17; Sociopathic magnetism release- letting go of those who do not serve your highest purpose

March 3; Practical Relationships Release

March 17; Soul fragments release from all reality and timelines- what dose not server your highest good

March 31; A soul healing- Re alignment to truth

April 14; Solidification of lower self-release- and what does not serve your highest good

May 5; Invisible thread release- Keeping you stuck

May 19; Releasing resistance to your desires

June 2; Releasing judgment-justification

June 16; Releasing Non acceptance on all levels-timelines

July7; Releasing grief and abandonment

July 21; Releasing negative inner child and ego

Aug 4; Non allowance of sexual energy and power- Release

Aug 18; Alignment to Gods view of sex- sexual energy and expression

Sep 1; Releasing ageing beliefs

Sep 15; Activating youthful body

Oct 6; Quantum reality’s and time shifts

Oct 20; Releasing Fear and anxiety

Nov 3; Releasing anger-hate- non acceptance

Nov 17; Holly alignment to light

Dec 1; Releasing resistant’s to healing- all levels

Dec 15; Healing body systems


Seven Seals and God Codes are run every Tuesday

 8pm EST

$35.00 each



Full day Workshops 2021

9am to 3:30 pm EST

Members $135.00

Non Members $145.00

Feb 20; 1 day workshop- Chakra

April 24; 1 day workshop- Abundance

June 12; 1 day workshop- Oracle card connection- learn to read beyond card and connect to oracle guide

Aug14; 1 day workshop- Full body organ and systems clearing alignment and healing

Oct16;  1 day workshop Anti-ageing & rejuvenation


½ Day Workshops

9am to 12 noon EST

Members $125.00

Non Members $135.00

March14;  ½ day workshop – Receiving the gift

June27;  ½ day workshop- Gut/ brain connection- clearing balancing and aligning to health

Sep5;  ½ day workshop- Connecting to angels, guides and nature