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Powerful Open Healing last night

Those of you that know me well know I am not a pushy person. I don’t try to convince anyone of anything or up-sell my class offerings in any way. I am humbled to be able to witness the things I witness and offer my services in freedom to anyone who wants change in their [...]

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Being Free – July 2016 Newsletter

Class Updates: Would you be surprised to learn that the emotion of joy and lightness isn’t created easily here on earth? We have a great Mp3 file that can change that for you!Wake up to Joy” ignites your joy light matrix,  and releases you from blocks that put you in a state of dis-allowance of [...]

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Conquering Fear – June 2016 Newsletter

Class Updates: Synergy Waves are recorded each week and they have been drastically reduced from $87 to $25 each! Even better - they are on sale now until July 15th for $15! Please visit the website and take advantage of this special offer. Synergy is one of our most powerful classes for immediate change! Open Healing: Thursday, June 16th - 8:00-9:00 p.m. EST. The topic [...]

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Change those harsh judgements of Self

We had a powerful new Synergy wave come in on set 13 of our Synergy classes. This wave focused on non acceptance of self and those who participated have shared that they could feel this wave working in them for a couple of days, and then suddenly, they felt so much love and peace with [...]

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New sleep meditation posted on YouTube!

Sleep soundly tonight! Just posted on YouTube, a new QuickShifts video which brings you sound, restful sleep for those nights when the monkey chatter just won't quit. Download this file and our Guided Mediation video to your Mp3 player, get comfy in bed, play Guided Meditation video and then play this one and drift off [...]

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Freedom from Pain Mp3

This free Quickshift is all about healing your body. Liquid light paired with Pain Release will help you heal illness, injury and pain. It’s time to sit back, relax and allow healing to take place with your body. QuickShifts are short energetic bursts of healing energy that target and shift into health specific issues. For [...]

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